AI & IoT Daily Editions for February 2017
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017
Virtual Reality Revenue Headed To $5 Billion This Year
Samsung Unveils Smart Glasses That Act As A Monitor
NBA Launching Virtual Reality App
Sony Projector Turns Surface Into Touchscreen
Advertising On Streaming TV Devices Is About To Get More Targeted
Amazon Will Let Partners Sell Games, In Live Stream
Comcast Adding YouTube To Xfinity Set-Top Platform
YouTube Comes To Comcast's X1 Box
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Feb. 27, 2017
44% Concerned About Personal Info Theft Through Their Connected Devices
What To Expect From Mobile World Congress
Higher IoT Speeds Coming To 11 Cities
GoPro Drone Smashes Through Apartment Window
Fitbit CEO Offers Turnaround Strategy
Autonomous Cars May Require 2 Insurance Policies
No Breakthroughs Expected On Next Apple Phone
Samsung Claims To Be Ready To Roll Out 5G
Sony Happy With VR Goggle Sales; Releases Surprising Smartphone
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Feb. 24, 2017
Company Starts Marketing A $1,600 Smart Mousetrap
Amazon Cites First Amendment Protection For Alexa
Homeland Security Funds 5 IoT Startups
Google Home Adds Alexa-Like Voice Ordering
Ford Taps VR To Re-Create Car Racing Through Paris
How Much Fitbit Paid For Smartwatch Startup Pebble
Self-Driving Ubers Start Picking Up People In Arizona
OTT Vs. Traditional Pay TV: Digital No Longer A Supplement
Alphabet's Waymo Says Uber Stole Self-Driving Trade Secrets
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
Connected Devices Working Together Tops Brand Value
UPS Delivers Package By Drone Flown From Truck
AT&T Plans Nationwide IoT Network By Midyear
Tru Optik, LiveRamp Partner To Enhance Connected TV and OTT Targeting
Consumers Turn Away From High Tech Shopping Aids
Fios Goes After Gamers With 'Instant Internet'
Many Consumers OK With Monitoring By Beacons In Stores
Google Squares Up To Alexa On Ecommerce
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
73% Of Execs See Internet Of Things Impact On Business
Self-Driving Cars Hardly Just Around The Corner, Says Boston Future Of Transportation Panel
Smart Mirrors Added To Store Dressing Rooms
Market Continues To Wait For Magic Leap's Mixed Reality
Alexa To Hit The TV Screen With New GBP40 Fire TV Stick
Apple Buys Another Facial Recognition Tech Maker
AT&T Tests Cellphone-Saving Drones
Google Patent On Location Labels Uses Unique Data To Pinpoint Position
How to Move Machine Learning From Possibility To Practice
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017
The Challenge Of Getting IoT Tech To Work All The Time
Verizon Adds Drone Company To Its IoT Business
Apple Gets Patent For Virtual 'Home' Button
Smartwatch Tracks How Much Time Parent Shares With Child
Snap Begins Selling Video-Recording Spectacles Online
HTC To Launch Mobile VR Device, Says Report
Smartphones Will Survive Despite Other Tech Advances
Google Squares Up To Alexa On Ecommerce
Alexa To Hit The TV Screen With New GBP40 Fire TV Stick
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
Second Owners Of Smart Devices May Inherit Security Risks
Smart Mirrors Added To Store Dressing Rooms
HTC To Launch Mobile VR Device, Says Report
FTC Files Privacy Concern Over High Tech Doll
Baidu Acquires AI Voice Assistant To Compete With Google, Amazon
Verizon Offers Glimpse Of House Of The Future
Consumers Crave AI And AR Mobile Experiences
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Visa, IBM's Watson Team For Consumer Payments Through IoT Devices
Potential Security Threats Found In 178 Million Connected Devices
Amazon Web Services Tapped For Data From Smart Toothbrushes
Jaguar Adds In-Car Payment System
Coach, Simon Team For Virtual Runway
Why Apple Can't Revolutionize TV
Will AI And Augmented Reality Change Email?
Why Voice Won't Replace Screen Search
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Millennials Cool On IoT Product Ownership
Pizza Hut Taps Amazon Alexa For Voice Ordering
Google Tracking Would Allow Personalized Dress Creation
EU's Data Privacy Rules Could Limit AI Profiing
Total VR Shipments Heading To 110 Million Units
Amazon, Google Could Turn Speakers Into Phones
Be Ready: Life, Drones Come At You Fast
Google Home, Amazon Echo Will Become Your Home Phone
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017
State Moves To Outlaw Putting Chips In People
Fast Company Launches Mobile, OTT Apps
100 Million VR Headsets Projected By 2021
Autonomous Cars To Learn Like Smartphones
Microsoft President Pushes Global Cyber-Security
Ford Invests $1 Billion In AI Startup For Self-Driving Cars
Y&R Forms New Technology, Business Unit
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