AI & IoT Daily Editions for November 2017
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017
26 Million Wearables Shipped; Apple Closing On Fitbit
Tesla Builds 'House of the Future' At Auto Show
Snapchat Wants To Be More Like Netflix
Facebook Testing Face ID Captcha
eBay Lets Consumers Shop By Google Assistant
Cybersecurity: A Marketer's Problem?
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017
Smart Speakers Hot For Holiday Shoppers
Jim Beam Selling Voice-Activated Decanter
Mercedes Plans More Drone Deliveries After Succesful Tests
AI Will Empower -- Not Replace -- The Creative Shop
Voice Devices Top Amazon Weekend Sales
Google AI Can Tell If Someone Is Looking At Your Phone
Samsung Grabs Conversational AI Startup Fluenty
More Than 1 Million VR Headsets Ship In Q3
3 Things You'll Be Talking About In 2018
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017
285 Million Hearable Devices On The Way
Robot Picks Up Grocery Items, Then Scans, Bags Them
Facebook Sees AI As A Tool To Help Prevent Suicides
Did AI Teach YouTube Search Feature To Autocomplete Disturbing Child Abuse Terms?
China Readies First Driverless Taxis
Amazon Makes It Easier To Create VR, AR, 3D Apps
Scared Of Cyber: Consumers Fear Burglars Less, Study Shows
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
Virtual Reality On The Rise; Sony Tops Oculus, HTC
New Rules Set To Control Drones In UK
Apple Buys AR Headset Maker
Office Depot Brings Back 'Elf Yourself' AR
Video Game Developer Prevails In Fight Over 'Faceprints'
The Hidden Costs Of Augmented Reality
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 24, 2017
ElfYourself Back For The Holidays, Now With Augmented Reality
Walmart Taps VR To Train Employees For Black Friday
Amazon Creates Limited Edition Red Echo
AI Tech Shows Coke's Googlebox Campaign Wins Festive Ad Battle
Another Smart Speaker Hits The Market
2017 Pacing For Tepid +3.2% Expansion, 'Smart Tech' A Phenom
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017
Chatbots Enter The Coupon Market
Sonos Sets The Holiday Mood
Empathy From A Bot?
Warriors Must Face Suit Over Eavesdropping App
Google Following Android Users Not Using Location Services
BMW To Use Snapchat's AR Filters For New Car Launch
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017
Newsroom AI Unveils Customizable Newsfeed Platform
Waymo Takes Big Lead In Self-Driving Car Patents; GM, Ford Follow
The Supreme Court Takes Up Location Tracking
BPC Introduces Programmatic Blockchain Platform
Marketers Embrace Automation, Reports State
Why Apple Can't Build A Smart Speaker
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 20, 2017
Uber Buying 24,000 Self-Driving Cars From Volvo
Apple Delays HomePod Smart Speaker
Google Revamps Maps App
MPs Unite To Draft A Law To Protect 'Gig Economy' Workers
It's Time To Start Respecting Our Data
Want Local TV In Future? Get A New Set!
Here They Come: More Tech Marketing Products
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 17, 2017
Apple Watch Takes The Lead In Smart Wearables
Media Use: Smartphones Up, Daily TV Viewing Down
Digital Players Could Put Squeeze On Linear TV Content
MediaPost 'All Stars' Unveiled
Nearly Two-Thirds Of U.S. Homes Have Devices That Can Stream To TVs
Williams-Sonoma Buying AR Startup Company
Jaguar Land Rover Moves Ahead With Driverless Cars
Flying Car For Single Passenger Shown
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017
Early IoT Adopters Excited But Cautious
Proposed Bill Would Regulate Faceprints, Location Data, Other 'Sensitive' Information
Study: Wearables Can Detect Health Conditions
Amazon Works Out Kinks Of Cashierless Store
Truth Agency Launched To Show Blockchain Can Give Transparency
Voice: When Is It Okay To Hear An Ad?
Artificial Intelligence Yields Simpler, Smarter IT
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