AI & IoT Daily Editions for January 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 18, 2019
Grocery Store Robots Coming To Hundreds Of Stores
NPR Trivia Game Show Expands To Smart Speakers
48% Of Companies Can Detect IoT Device Breaches: Study
New Data Usage Presents Ad Opportunities, Risks In OTT
Microsoft Bing Search, Advertising Teams Binge On Automation
Twitter Warns Android Users: Tweets May Be Exposed
5 Gaming Myths Debunked
AR, VR Considered For Lyft Passengers
Microsoft Promotes AI Agent Cortana For Other Smart Speakers
TfL Credits Outdoor Success To Digital Screens
A Guide To Geo-Targeting Your Email List In Mailchimp
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019
Nuance Intros In-Car Experience Of The Future
Stop & Shop Launching Driverless Vehicle Grocery Deliveries
Dissecting Digital Brilliance: Nordstrom, Best Buy, Warby Parker
Amazon Alexa Temporary Outage Reported
Pringles Super Bowl Ad To Feature Frustrated Smart Device
JumpCrew Newly Appointed VP Of SEO To Build Out Voice Marketing Services
Inscape Monitors 10M Connected TV Devices
Google Purchases $40M In Fossil Smartwatch Intellectual Property
Rise Of Personal AI Assistants: What Does This Mean For Marketers?
VR Games Forecast To Hit $1.2B In 2019
Sling TV Enters The Recommendation Game
Channel 4 Launches Facebook Watch Project
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019
Individualization Vs. Personalization At Retail
L'Occitane Adds AI-Based Website Alerts
American Eagle Adds Interactive Fitting Rooms
Voice Technology Desired At Work: GfK
JetBlue Uses AI To Evaluate Ecotourism
Juniper Research Predicts VR Games Market Will Still Come Around
Investment In VR/Augmented Reality Is Down
Firms Spend More On Martech Than Staff: Gartner
Ford, VW Give Details Regarding Alliance
What Consumers Expect Of Personalization: A Statistical Review
Apple Blasts Emails For iPhone XR To Owners Of Older Models
Wurl Brings AdSpring Solution To Connected TVs
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019
NRF 2019: Robots Roaming The Aisles Of Retail
Pandora Adds Houndify Voice Mode To Mobile App
Nike Intros Smart, Self-Lacing Shoe Controlled By Mobile App
Sparkling Ice Adds Amazon, Google Voice Skills
The New York Times' T Brand Studio To Produce Voice Skills for Advertisers
FCC Chairman Refuses To Brief Congress On Carriers' Location Data Practices
Adobe Moves To PWA, Next Phase In Web Support For Retailers
Sales And Martech Traction
Streaming Video At CES 2019: The Big Get Bigger, While New Players Join The Field
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 14, 2019
Smart Speaker Growth Hits 78%
Kohler's New Smart Toilet Earns CES Sitting Ovation
Square Intros SDK For In-App Payments
Digital Danger Ahead
Wearable Health Device Market Driven By Tech, Data Mining
Rethinking Real-Time Data And Programmatic
Amazon Uses Search, Purchase Data To Send Free Stuff
Plaintiffs In 50 States Sue Marriott Over Breach
Researcher Posts Tool Allowing Phishers To Beat Two-Factor Authentication
Amazon's Echo Auto Already A Hit
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 11, 2019
Samsung's Harman Shows Future In-Car Experience At CES
Digital License Plate Maker Adds Charity To Display At CES
YouCam Makeup Intros AI, AR Shopping Experience At CES
Hyundai Offers Interactive Video Experience
All The News That's Fit For Ears: NYT Unveils 'Voice' Initiative
Outside TV Taps Telaria To Monetize Connected TV Inventory
Isobar To Lead Zwilling's Digital Transformation
Digital Strategy Pitfalls
Pssst, Here Are My Picks For The Secret Startups At CES
AT&T, T-Mobile And Verizon Vow To Stop Selling Location Data
Tube Escalator Screens Stretched To 42"
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019
Touring CES Eureka Park With Isobar In Search Of The Future
Google Assistant Intros New Travel Feature At CES
Sinclair In Deal To Push TV Broadcasting In Cars
AI Becoming A 'Risk Factor' As Consumer Behavior Changes
5G: Good God, Great Is My Gratitude For Faster Gigabytes
London Still Top EU Tech Investment Hub
Phishing Automation Tool Bypasses Two-Factor Authentication
The Battle Between AI And ABM
iPhone Celebrates 12th Birthday
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019
CES 2019: The Consumer Product Disconnect
In-Car Tech Matters To New Car Buyers: GfK
Smart Suitcase Maker Raises $10 Million
L'Oreal Debuts pH Sensor, Launches Hair Campaigns
Verizon CTO Blasts AT&T For New '5GE' Label
Customer Location Data Sold To 'Bounty Hunter'
Verizon Looks Ahead To 5G 'Revolution' As It Relishes Strong Q4
2019 Is The Year Of #VoiceFirst
Google-Enabled Smart Mirror Is One In A Billion Devices
Google Claims To Have Invented Instant Voice Translation
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019
CES 2019: Toyota Shifts Focus To Assisting Drivers, Not Displacing Them
Comcast Intros AI-Based Home Security System At CES
Connected Wall Displays Launched At CES
Audi, Hyundai, Mercedes Use CES For Their Coolest News
CES 2019: Into The Data Age Of Consumer Tech
Do People Trust AI To Make Decisions And Recommendations?
Google's Voice Assistant Beats All Rivals
Study: Mobile App Use Is On The Upswing In Stores
GDPR Has Chilling Effect On EU Tech Funding: Study
Samsung Lowers Earnings Outlook, But Expects Solid 2019
Roku Takes Stock Hit On Apple-Samsung News
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 7, 2019
CES 2019: Voice Assistants, 8K TV, Connected Vehicles, AR, VR Eyewear
P&G Launching 6 Connected Products At CES
Consumer Tech Spending To Hit Record $398 Billion: CTA
KitchenAid Intros Smart Display With Google Assistant At CES
Pokemon Go Creator Raises $190 Million
Verily Raises $1B, Expands Beyond Core Health Strategies
Innovid Raises $30M To Expand Global Operations, Ad Tech
P&G Takes A Start-Up Mentality To Solving Customer Problems
Consumer Electronics Offers Marketers The Best Salaries
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