AI & IoT Daily Editions for January 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019
Comcast Lines Up Voice Commands For Super Bowl
16 Million Americans Own 3 Or More Smart Devices: MRI
Will Alexa And Siri Leave Voiceover Actors With Anything To Say?
Report Benchmarks Smart Tech Marketing, Finds It's Growing Fast
Amazon Unveils Alexa Fails In Super Bowl Spot
New Publicis Groupe Employee Learning Program Tied To Marcel
Running After Digital: Dell Study Shows Barriers To Success
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019
Voice Extending Beyond Smart Speakers
Domino's Creates AI Pizza Identifier For Super Bowl Campaign Launch
Smartphone Shipments Continue Decline, Drop 5%: IDC
Live Streaming Viewing Rose 65% In 2018
Rubrik, IT Security Firm, Suffers Data Breach
Get Ready For Your Business To Experience AI Transformation
Impact Of AI, Data Strategy, Niche Media: Q&A With Jacopo Bracco
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019
Mobile Payments Fail To Catch On
Discover Adds Garmin Smartwatch Payments
Study: Tech, Screens Bring Families Together
That 4K TV You Just Bought Is So 2019
Forecast: Cord-Cutting TV Homes Climb To 40M By 2023
European Commission Receives 95,100 Data Complaints In Wake Of GDPR
LDN Drive Digital Outdoor Network Launches
GDPR Did Not Hold Back The Digital Marketing Tide
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 28, 2019
Virtual Reality Waits For Its Day
Consumer Excitement About 5G Future Is Real -- But Also Cautious
Robots Miss All The Fun In Michelob Ultra SBLIII Ad
Pringles Releases Final 'Sad Device' Super Bowl Spot
Google Tests Dynamic Email In Android App: Report
What Could Be The Real Reason Google Invested In Wind Farms
Google Faces New Privacy Battle In Illinois Over 'Faceprints'
Contentsquare Raises $60M As Google Ties Search Directly To Content
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 25, 2019
For Future Tech, It's Still All About People: Deloitte CIO
Boeing Completes First Test Of 'Flying Car'
Hearst CEO: Revenues Grew 4% In 2018, Aided By Business Data, Ops
Publicis Spine Taps Microsoft's Thomas As Chief Data Officer
Apple Switches Tech Gears, New Shifts Include Machine Learning
Economists Latch On To Google Search, Trends Data For Analysis
Study: Netflix Content More Appealing To Consumers Than Streaming Competitors
Robots Miss All The Fun In Michelob Ultra SBLIII Ad
A Data Breach Scorecard: The Top Ten
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019
AR Smart Glasses Include Amazon Alexa
Amazon Starts Testing Delivery Robots
Despite Disappointing Sales, Apple Won't Upgrade iPhone XR To OLED Until 2020
Google My Business Shares Service Areas To Maps, Search
Dragon Box To Settle With Netflix, Amazon And Hollywood Studios
Pinterest Adds Search For Skin Tone Ranges To iOS App
Google To Challenge 50m Euro French Fine
H&M Partners With Lyft For Green Effort
Google Chrome Changes Could Weaken Ad Blockers
Google Fine Points To Problems In U.S., Marketers Say
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019
Home Access Via The Interim Internet Of Things
AR Company Blippar Rescued From Total Collapse
Mobile Ticketing Forecast To Hit 1.9B In 2023
Comcast Grabs Strong Q4 Revenues From Internet, NBCU
Dyspatch Launches Visual Editor For Transactional Emails
Google My Business Shares Service Areas To Maps, Search
Roku Flexes OTT Ad Muscle
WarnerMedia To Start Innovative Tech Lab
Mobile Payment Apps Suffer Low Retention Rates
Email Newsletter Blocked Because Of Malformed XML
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019
26% Want Strict Limits On Facial Recognition Tech, 45% Do Not
Free Test Rides In Driverless Shuttles Being Offered
Target, Taco Bell, Speedway Add Apple Pay
Sex Toy Maker, Stripped Of Award By CES, Says Big Tech Show Has Major Gender Bias
Japan Plans Action Against Tech Giants Over Use Of Email Content: Report
Mobile Ticketing Forecast To Hit 1.9B In 2023
Firms Now Offering 'GDPR-Compliant' Shredders
Austrian Campaigner Files GDPR Lawsuits Against Tech Giants
France Claims It Will Press Ahead With 5% Tech Giant Tax
Dear Tech Giants -- 50m Euro Fines Is Just The Start
Automakers Are Still Figuring Out Vehicle Subscription Model
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 21, 2019
59% Receptive To Mobile Ads While Watching TV, 51% While In Bed
Sony Taps 360-Degree VR For 'Escape Room' Ad
Why 5G Matters
Consumer Trust High In Tech, Traditional Media And Search
Phone SE Devotees Say There's A Market For Smaller, Less Costly Devices
The Marketing MO On AI: Firms Use It More For Accounting
Microsoft Quietly Ends Support For Windows 10 Mobile -- Now What?
Fossil Group Sells Google Smartwatch IP
App Users Are Likely To Have their Data Shared: Studies
Austrian Campaigner Files GDPR Lawsuits Against Tech Giants
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 18, 2019
Grocery Store Robots Coming To Hundreds Of Stores
NPR Trivia Game Show Expands To Smart Speakers
48% Of Companies Can Detect IoT Device Breaches: Study
New Data Usage Presents Ad Opportunities, Risks In OTT
Microsoft Bing Search, Advertising Teams Binge On Automation
Twitter Warns Android Users: Tweets May Be Exposed
5 Gaming Myths Debunked
AR, VR Considered For Lyft Passengers
Microsoft Promotes AI Agent Cortana For Other Smart Speakers
TfL Credits Outdoor Success To Digital Screens
A Guide To Geo-Targeting Your Email List In Mailchimp
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