• Guardian's N0tice Offers Free Mapping Tool
    Maptastica has already been used internally by the Guardian to create a 'live music map' of crowdsourced photos and reviews from gigs, and by the n0tice team for a project around high streets. The n0tice platform allows users to create online noticeboards of events and other information, and is being used by hyperlocals and news sites. Those who want to create a map with Maptastica need to first create a noticeboard on n0tice and then enter the URL of that board into the free wizard tool. The map can then be customised and embedded on a Web page.
  • Dailymotion Eyes U.S. Studios, UK VOD Deals
    Dailymotion is planning to launch production studios in the US and the UK as it continues its drive to bring more original, premium content to its platform. The video platform, which had 3.6 million unique visitors in the UK in March this year, and 113 million globally, according to ComScore, is to debut its first ever production studio in Paris next month as it looks to cultivate emerging creative talent for both short and long-form video.
  • BBC To Live-Stream Commonwealth Games Online
    BBC Scotland director Ken MacQuarrie has pledged to live stream events at the upcoming Commonwealth Games to audiences throughout the UK and wider Commonwealth during a speech last night to the Royal Television Society. Elsewhere MacQuarrie promised to tackle the "digital divide" which is particularly acute in Glasgow; where research suggests that 40% of householders are still not online.
  • No. 10 Accused Of Using Tweets To Curry Favor
    The government's communications team have been accused of currying favour amidst a select band of journalists through Twitter tip-offs on breaking news prior to their official announcement. So called "Twitter exclusives" form a key plank of No 10's media strategy to secure favourable press, much to the anger of critics who say such pronouncements should be the sole preserve of Parliament.
  • Newspaper Society Warns Against 'Quick Fix' Deal
    The freedoms of British newspapers should not be ignored in favour of a "quick fix to come to a deal with Hacked Off", The Newspaper Society has told culture secretary Maria Miller in a letter on behalf of the country's regional and local newspapers. The letter claimed the proposed government Royal Charter on press regulation punished regional and local newspapers and asked them to be part of an "expensive, burdensome regulatory structure".
  • Social Media Marketing Spend To Double+ By '17
    New forecasts suggest that social media marketing spend in Europe will reach an impressive 3.2 billion euros in 2017, according to a report from Forrester. Reported by thedrum.com, social media spend will significantly increase from the 1.4 billion spent in 2012 as an increasing number of social media marketing professionals up the ante across a number of networks. In the UK, social media marketing spending will reach 816.5 million euros in 2017, up from a current spend of 391.6 million euros, adds forrester.com.
  • Social Media Habits Change As People Age
    The needs and likes of an individual have long been known to change as they age, with the likes of computer games and fashion making way for new interests in health and finances taking their place, webmasterworld.com reports. Now, it has emerged that these trends are also apparent on social networks, as people find their topics of conversation changing with age.
  • Adelaide Launches $1.8 Million Digital Strategy
    Adelaide has launched its Digital Strategy, offering free wi-fi in the city and smart parking technologies in a programme called "Connect Adelaide". The four year plan follows $1.8 million investment by the city council to facilitate access to up-to-date, high-speed digital technologies and initiatives. The city's Digital Hub provides a range of digital literacy courses with funding from the Australian Government, and has provided more than 180 free training sessions.
  • TMG Virtual Motor Show To End In Awards
    The Telegraph Media Group has launched its virtual motor show, which will culminate in The Telegraph Motoring Awards on Friday. The festival will include car manufacturers such as Kia, Vauxhall, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Audi and Honda; and will feature webchats and webinars, as well as online networking lounges, virtual exhibitor stands and online car show rooms.
  • HuffPo To Roll Out Across Germany
    The Huffington Post is continuing its international expansion with the launch of a German edition, the company announced Monday. It is partnering with Tomorrow Focus, a publicly traded German digital media company, to roll out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The German Huffington Post will launch sometime this fall. A Japanese edition will launch May 7.
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