• BBC World Service Online Traffic Up 20% In '12
    The weekly online traffic for the BBC's World Service rose by 20% this year to 12 million, according to the latest figures from the broadcaster. The BBC recorded an international audience online of 30 million for its BBC World Service, BBC World News and BBC.com platforms. In a blog post outlining the latest figures, Peter Horrocks said 2012 in particular was "a strong year for the BBC's international mobile services", with the BBC.com mobile site recording 2.7 million unique users a week. This is said to be a 30% increase on last year.
  • Top Twitter Stories Shared Most On Facebook
    A study of the 100 most tweeted news stories form 10 UK outlets has found news is "350 times more likely to be shared on Facebook than on Google+". Journalism.co.uk asked Rippla, which launched in November and measures "how well news organisations are doing on social media", to look at statistics for Google+, which is one-year-old today. Sunny Hundal, who created Rippla (and is also editor of the Liberal Conspiracy blog), analysed the most popular UK news stories from the 10 outlets from 1 to 26 June.
  • New 'Arrested Development' Episodes To Air On Netflix UK
    Mitch Hurwitz's comedy series about the eccentric Bluth family was previously confirmed to return in 2013 in the US, seven years after it originally ended its three-season TV run on Fox. Mitch Hurwitz has revealed that the new Arrested Development episodes could be the first of many returns to the Bluth family and a movie is expected to follow the reunion miniseries. The first three seasons of Arrested Development are already on Netflix.
  • Murdoch To Cede Executive Role At Newspapers
    No announcement was made when News Corp confirmed the split on Thursday about who would head the publishing company. He will be president and chief executive of the media and entertainment business, which will encompass the 20th Century Fox film and TV studio, Fox network, cable channels including Fox News, and satellite TV assets including the 39.1% stake in BSkyB. The company said it had decided to restructure because of the "increasingly complex" asset portfolio.
  • Tweeting Comedian Appeals Conviction
    In January 2010, following a bout of heavy snow, Robin Hood Airport posted long delays and cancellations. Paul Chambers, who was due to fly from the airport shortly afterwards, tweeted the message: "Cr*p! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your sh*t together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high." Chambers was charged and the case went to court the following November. Crown Court Judge Jacqueline Davies, however, said the message was "clearly menacing" and so sentenced him to a GBP1,000 fine. This week, heheaded back to court in order to appeal the …
  • BBC Throws Hat Into Olympics Social Media Ring
    Last week, Facebook staked out its claim as a prime destination for people looking for this summer's Olympics coverage online. Today, the BBC announced it's putting its sports coverage into a new Timeline app. The app, which is only usable by UK users, is currently in beta form and live already: people can currently access streams of Wimbledon. That will get ramped up in coming weeks for Olympics coverage, when it will be some of the most comprehensive Olympics coverage yet seen on the social network - 24 streams in all - and will mark the first time that the …
  • IPC Media To Trial Home-working At 3 Titles
    More than 20 staff at IPC's Soaplife, Chat It's Fate and Goodtoknow.co.uk will begin working from home next month as the Time Warner-owned publisher trials its new "modern working" programme. The publisher ruled out expanding the trial to its larger titles, such as Woman's Own and What's On TV, amid indications that it is seeking further cost savings on its Blue Fin premises at the capital's South Bank. A spokeswoman for IPC Media said it will equip all staff involved in the home-working experiment with a laptop, but would not initially pay extra costs associated with using the internet from …
  • O2 Wrkg 2 Fix Txt Msg Prblm
    A spokesman for the mobile network, which has more than 22 million customers, said it was investigating the failure and aimed to fix it as soon as possible. The firm did not identify the cause but it affects outgoing messages, with customers receiving "network out of order" messages from O2 when they press send. The firm believes it affects a percentage of pay monthly, but not pay-as-you-go, customers. O2 could not say how many customers had been affected but insisted it had received relatively few complaints. A spokesman said the fault struck on Tuesday, but was "utterly confident it's not …
  • Surfthechannel Owner Guilty Of Copyright Infringement
    Anton Vickerman will be sentenced next month after being found guilty of conspiracy to defraud, at Newcastle Crown Court. The maximum penalty for his crime is 10 years in jail. His site used to host some of the UK's most visited web pages offering links to illegally copied streaming videos. Anti-piracy campaigners say it proves such sites can be brought to justice. Vickerman's wife was found not guilty of the same charges. At its height in 2009 Surfthechannel.com attracted more than 400,000 visitors a day, generating more than GBP35,000 in advertising revenue a month.
  • Engagement Rises For Tweets Under 100 Characters
    Tweets containing less than 100 characters receive 17% higher engagement than longer tweets, according to new research from Buddy Media. In analysing user engagement with approximately 320 Twitter handles of some of the world's biggest brands, the social enterprise company found that keeping things short and sweet led to more replies and retweets from followers. The research also showed that the use of hashtags can be problematic. Although tweets with hashtags receive twice the levels of engagement than those without, tweets with two or more hashtags lead to a 17% drop in engagement.
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