• Nigella Lawson Fights For Rep On Twitter
    Nigella Lawson remained steadfast in the face of the front-page stories about her on Wednesday morning. The TV chef tweeted a recipe for "Holiday Hotcake", adding that it was "the perfect recipe to show thanks for all your support & to those who hashtag #teamNigella". Twitter users retweeted the message, adding messages of support. The #teamNigella hashtag looked likely to trend at the time of writing; there were only a few mentions of #teamsaatchi.
  • EU Advisor: Courts Can Order ISPs To Block Sites
    In an opinion published by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on Tuesday, Advocate General Pedro Cruz Villaln said these blockages are permitted under EU law under certain circumstances, as the ISP qualifies as an "intermediary". Countries such as the UK have been allowing such injunctions for some time, but Austria's High Court wanted the CJEU's take on the matter before definitively allowing one in the case of UPC Telekabel Wien, an ISP, and rights-holders Constantin Film and Wega. The CJEU still has to give its own ruling - Cruz Villaln is only its advisor.
  • Chivas Bows Branded Content On EsquireTV
    Developed by The Story Lab, the branded content series, titled 'Brotherhood', stars Jason Sudeikis, Bryn Mooser, Jon Batiste, Brandon Boyd, Max Chow and Nick Fouquet. It aims to bring the brand's qualities - spirit, honour, craftsmanship and success - to life by following a day in the life of these 'real-life modern gentlemen'.
  • Brits Prefer Email Over Phone When Griping
    British consumers spend three times more effort complaining than US consumers, research for customer service specialists KANA Software has found. The study found that Americans make one and a half times more complaints than the British do each year, yet Britons get bogged down in time-consuming repetition and queuing when trying to get their complaints resolved.
  • 5 Tips On Digital Magazine Design Shared
    At yesterday's Digital Magazine Awards in London, Rob Boynes, consultant art director at Dennis Publishing, gave a talk titled '5 totally awesome innovations in digital magazine design (LOL)'. He shared his thoughts on how digital publishers should be looking to make the most of their product. 1. 'Share or die' "You have to allow users to share anything they want and share skills and ideas as an industry," he said.
  • Swearing Xbox One Owners Could Be Banned From Live
    Xbox One owners using "excessive profanity" while playing games, uploading recordings of their gameplay using the share function, could see themselves banned from Xbox Live. Customers complained that they were losing the ability to use Skype and other applications reliant on Xbox Live on their new consoles, with one user known as rbevanx complaining "I get the message 'Choose something else to play' simply because I assume MS was not happy about a video I uploaded."
  • Study Find Social Media Use = Fewer Rolls In Hay
    A survey of more than 15,000 people in the UK has concluded that social media use is contributing to a decline in the amount of sexual activity taking place in the country. The survey of adults aged 16-44 found that they were having sex fewer than five times a month. Dr Cath Mercer, from University College London, said social media and 'modern technologies' were behind the cooling of the national libido.
  • UK Digital Ad Spend To Be 44% Of Total In '13
    The UK digital ad spend is anticipated to account for about 44% of the overall GBP14bn investments in advertising by the end of 2013 and reach GBP6.1bn, a new report revealed. According to the latest report from WPP's media buying unit GroupM, the 7% rise in overall ad spending in measured media is double the earlier projected rate six months ago. The report, "This Year, Next Year UK", noted that the digital display advertising would rise by 17%, particularly due to persistent demand for video and social inventory.
  • National UK Blog Awards To Hold First Ceremony In April
    The National UK Blog Awards, which launched for the first time this year, will highlight the achievements of bloggers in the UK across a series of 14 categories. Entrants to the first National UK Blog Awards have less than one week to submit their entries before the window for submissions closes on Sunday 1 December.
  • Brooks Told Eimear Cook About Hacking, Court Hears
    Eimear Cook, the ex-wife of golfing star Colin Montgomerie was accused of repeatedly lying under oath about a lunch with Rebekah Brooks in which she claimed the former News International chief excutive had told her how easy it was to hack phones. In a tense and prolonged exchange at the Old Bailey on Monday, counsel for Brooks said Cook had fabricated parts of her witness statement to the police, including a claim that the former publishing boss had told her about an assault on her ex-husband Ross Kemp.
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