• Half Of UK Population Now Has 4G Broadband
    EE, the first mobile phone company to provide faster 4G mobile broadband, has announced that the service - launched five months ago - will now reach Bradford, Bingley, Doncaster, Dudley, Harpenden, Leicester, Lichfield, Loughborough, Luton, Reading, Shipley, St Albans and West Bromwich in addition to the 37 towns and cities already covered.
  • Amazon Defends Use Of Crude Word In Holiday Card
    Amazon has sparked outrage by defending the use of the word "cunt" in a product image used by a retailer on its website, arguing that it was featured in a "light-hearted" way that was not likely to offend any particular group, such as women. The Advertising Standards Authority banned an internet ad which appeared on Amazon.co.uk for a Christmas card which featured the text: "You're a cunt. Sorry, I meant to say 'Merry Christmas'."
  • Katie Grand: Vuitton Vid Did Not Mean To Offend
    Katie Grand, editor in chief of 'LOVE' magazine and one of the most important names in fashion, spoke to the media regarding a video starring Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne that appeared to glamourise prostitution. Left-wing newspaper 'Liberation' printed a letter signed by a host of important figures criticising the content of the video - which had been produced to promote the brand's autumn/winter collection.
  • Independent, HTC Blinkfeed To Collaborate
    The Independent newspaper has announced that it is to collaborate with HTC Blinkfeed, allowing owners of an HTC One smartphone to directly access personalised content. HTC Blinkfeed aggregates content to deliver a concise newsfeed that is live updated throughout the day. Users can also elect to read articles in full should they wish to.
  • ITV2's Telly Worth Talking About Gets Sponsor
    Zugo's Deli Caf has been revealed as the sponsor of ITV2's s Telly Worth Talking About package, in a deal negotiated by ITV Commercial and MediaCom Beyond Advertising. Beginning 1 April, Zugo's Deli Caf will sponsor a variety of programming including American series 666 Park Avenue and Love in the Wild, as well as reality series including Peter Andre: My Life, Big Rich Texas and Keith Lemon's Lemon La Vida Loca.
  • Global Study: Most Turn On TV For Breaking News
    A study which looked into how international audiences access news on different devices found the majority of those asked, 42%, use television as their "primary and first device" for accessing breaking news information. The study of "more than 3,600 owners of digital devices" was carried out in nine countries across the world, including France, US, Germany, Australia, Poland, India, Singapore, UAE and South Africa. The study did not include UK respondents.
  • Paywalls Could Be Turning Point For Print Media
    Roy Greenslade opines: "The Telegraph Media Group's decision to charge people for access to its newspapers' website should be seen as a significant turning point, and not only for the publisher itself. Its decision to erect a paywall around the content of the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs will give every other print media owner pause for thought, and they will surely scrutinise the initiative."
  • Al Jazeera Denies 20 Jobs At Risk In UK Newsroom
    The Evening Standard reported yesterday that journalists in the Qatari broadcaster's UK newsroom in Knightsbridge had been abruptly told 15-20 of them were to be sent to Doha. The article said a "brusque" email from director of news Salah Negm had given journalists ten days' notice of the move, and gave no promises they would have jobs on their return to London. It also quoted an NUJ source who said staff were "utterly appalled" at the news.
  • Twitter App Makes It Hard To Complain About Work
    Disgruntled employees should watch what they post on Twitter about their job, after a new app promises to expose any 'work blashphemy', rt.com reports. After a hard day behind a desk, it might be tempting to blurt out something rather unfavourable about work in the heat of the moment. Fortunately, users of the Fire Me! app will be able to see any content that contravenes company policy and get a quick wake-up call along the lines of: 'imagine if your boss saw this?'.
  • Louis Vuitton Video Sparks Outrage
    The French fashion house Louis Vuitton has been accused of glamorising prostitution in an advertising campaign video to showcase the label's autumn/winter collection. The video has sparked outrage in France after Libration, the leftwing newspaper, published a letter signed by various high-profile lawyers and intellectuals accusing it of "assimilating luxury with the world's second most profitable criminal activity after drug trafficking".
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