• Content Marketing Group Gets First Major Media Member
    The Content Marketing Association (CMA), the industry body for the content marketing industry, has announced IPC Media has become the first major media owner member. This comes as the organisation continues to broaden its membership policy, previously opening its doors to media agencies in late 2013 when it welcomed its first media agency member, MediaCom. The CMA's move to open up membership to media owners reflects the explosion in interest in content marketing across the UK and international media and marketing landscape, says the CMA.
  • LSN Media Titles To Operate 'Office-Free'
    Local World has closed the Luton on Sunday and Northampton Herald and Post offices. Editorial production of the two titles, of the LSN Media division of Iliffe News and Media, which has been part of Local World since the start of last year, has been transferred to Bedford. Reporters and ad sales staff will operate without an office but will have the use of new "hubs" based at the Culture Centre in Luton and the Guildhall in Northampton.
  • UK Won't Seek Power To Remove Archived Articles
    The government has abandoned plans to give the attorney general the power to order media organisations to remove articles from their online archives. A clause in the legislation would have enabled the attorney general - currently Dominic Grieve QC - to order newspapers and other publishers to take down past articles on the grounds that their continued presence would create a danger of contempt if jurors in a court case searched for information on the internet.
  • Ex-Yahoo Director To Direct High50 Operations
    Former audience director at Yahoo, Andy Williams, has joined High50 - a global community for people over the age of 50 - as operations director. He will oversee the growth of the business globally. His appointment comes as Stefano Hatfield, formerly editor-in-chief of London Live - made the move to join High50 in the same role.
  • 16 Million Tweets Recorded During Brazil Vs. Chile
    The match between Brazil and Chile in the FIFA World Cup 2014 set a new record in Twitter's history. The excited audience showed their excitement on Twitter, with a staggering 16.3 million tweets sent during the big game. This new record set by the World Cup match crushed Super Bowl's previous record of 382,000 tweets per minute.
  • Researchers Find Facebook Experiment Unethical
    Researchers have roundly condemned Facebook's experiment in which it manipulated nearly 700,000 users' news feeds to see whether it would affect their emotions, saying it breaches ethical guidelines for "informed consent". James Grimmelmann, professor of law at the University of Maryland, points in an extensive blog post that "Facebook didn't give users informed consent" to allow them to decide whether to take part in the study, under US human subjects research.
  • No Google Glass Allowed In Cinemas
    If you've just acquired a Google Glass headset for GBP1,000, don't show it off at the movies. UK cinemas are to ban the headsets over fears that the gadgets can be used to make pirate copies of Hollywood blockbusters. Two years after its US release, Google finally made a prototype of its hi-tech eyewear available in Britain last week.
  • Don't Panic's CD On Best Ways To Use Vine
    Vine, the microvideo app launched by Twitter in early 2013, has become an increasingly popular place for viral videos, in both engaging with viewers, promoting content or a publishing platform in itself. Richard Beer, creative director at Don't Panic, has been experimenting with new ways to use Vine since its launch, and shared some of his key lessons as at the FIPP Innovation forum in London last week.
  • Ex-NOTW Editor 'Sorry,' 'Ashamed' About Hacking
    Former News of the World managing editor Stuart Kuttner has said he is "deeply sorry" and "ashamed" for the fact phone-hacking that went on at his newspaper. But Kuttner, 74, who was found not guilty this week when the phone-hacking trial concluded, denied the suggestion he had been "presiding over" the criminality. He has also accused the state, Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service of a "stitch-up". Speaking to Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, he said: "I've lived with this frankly hideous nightmare for three years.
  • Digital Media Resale Issue Going Back To Courts
    Last week, a local startup called Tom Kabinet opened the virtual doors on its secondhand ebook bookstore. At the moment, it is generally accepted that ebooks cannot be resold, as is the case with music, movies and other digital media. However, Tom Kabinet is pointing to a 2012 ruling by Europe's top court, the Court of Justice of the European Union, in the case of UsedSoft v Oracle. That case was about reselling licenses for downloadable software, and the court ruled that - even when the software license explicitly forbids resale - the buyer should have the right to resell …
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