• Brands Struggle To Connect With Twitter Users
    Brands are struggling to connect with users on Twitter and provide adequate customer service, with only 39% of brands with accounts responding to questions asked directly through the channel. Despite 76% of UK organisations operating and tweeting, research from Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience, found issues with companies' ability to personally respond to consumers.
  • M-Pesa Steps Tentatively Into Eastern Europe
    Vodafone has launched M-Pesa in Romania, marking the first time the widely used mobile money system has made it across to Europe. M-Pesa has almost 17 million users around the world, but there's a good chance you've never heard of it. It's been around for around seven years in Kenya, and from there it's spread to Tanzania, South Africa, India and Afghanistan.
  • Charlie Brooks Says Hiding Porn Was 'Incredibly Rash'
    The husband of former News International boss Rebekah Brooks has told court that hiding a laptop and a stash of pornography from police was "incredibly stupid and rash". Charlie Brooks told the hacking trial he did not want police leaking embarrassing details of the "smut" to the press - after a series of leaks "particularly to the Guardian".
  • First, There Was Slow Food; Now, Slow News?
    Frustrated with the breakneck-pace of 24-hour news, two final year students from London's City University are launching a project to slow down the news. The Charta, currently in the funding stage but planned for launch in September, will take two weeks to fully research and analyse the impact of a news event instead of rushing to publish a story before all the facts are known.
  • ITV's Daglish Calls 90% Of Brand Content 'Crap'
    ITV's commercial boss Simon Daglish told the Ad Week Europe conference in London on Monday that most consumers "don't give a stuff" about brands. "The thing about content is 90% of it is crap," said Daglish, who is ITV's group commercial director. "Most people do not want a one-to-one relationship with a brand," he added. He said ITV still sometimes got it wrong despite 57 years of experience.
  • In Expansive Mood, Mashable To Enter UK
    News blog and website Mashable is set to continue its expansion by launching into the UK market, founder Pete Cashmore has revealed. Speaking at Advertising Week Europe Cashmore said that after the US, Mashable's biggest audience is in the UK and that launching into the market is "a natural first step".
  • Nuts Magazine Is Winding Down Operations
    Nuts, the men's weekly magazine and website, could be set to close as IPC Media has announced that it has entered into a 30-day consultation with staff. IPC Inspire managing director Paul Williams said: "After 10 years at the top of its market, we have taken the difficult decision to propose the closure of Nuts and exit the young men's lifestyle sector.
  • Journalists Must Understand Online Security
    Journalists who do not understand online security technologies are "being really irresponsible" if they then assure confidentiality for sources, Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger warned on Friday. "Every journalist should assume that there is no such thing as confidential digital communication," Rusbridger told delegates at the Polis conference. He said most news outlets "don't even begin to deal with [the issue on online security]".
  • Facebook Buys UK Maker Of Solar-powered Drones
    Facebook has bought a Somerset-based designer of solar-powered dronesfor $20m (GBP12m) as it goes head-to-head with Google in a high-altitude race to connect the world's most remote locations to the internet. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, has unveiled plans to beam broadband connections from the skies, using satellites, lasers and unmanned high-altitude aircraft designed by the 51-year old British engineer Andrew Cox.
  • Journalists Score Online Hit With Excuse Generator
    A 'David Moyes' random excuse generator created by Trinity Mirror journalists on a two-day digital training course has proved to be an online hit on the websites of the Manchester Evening News and the Liverpool Echo. The game was unveiled after Manchester United lost 3-0 to Manchester City as the losing run for United manager Moyes continued.
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