• Labour Joins Battle To Automatically Block Online Porn
    An 'opt-in' system, under which access is blocked unless adults specifically say they want to see sexual content, would be a 'sensible' way forward, the shadow ministers for media and justice declared. They say the measure is necessary to prevent children falling victim to a 'modern-day form of pollution'. The Government is resisting the call for an 'opt-in' system, preferring a less stringent 'opt-out' system, whereby users are asked when they set up their internet access whether they wish to have a filter applied.
  • Digital Anti-Piracy Legislation Paused Until '14
    The law, which just last month survived a two year challenge by U.K. ISPs Talk Talk and BT, which had failed to convince the court that the law is incompatible with European Union law, is being postponed because the court did agree with one of the arguments put forth by the ISPs questioning the cost-sharing aspect of the Digital Economy Act, which, according to PC Pro, "required ISPs to pay 25% of Ofcom's costs to set up the system and 25% of the costs of setting up an appeals body. Another impact assessment will have to happen regarding the costs …
  • O2 UK Debuts Mobile Wallet Service, Free For Now
    For the first six months, the operator will not charge people to use it to transfer money to any UK mobile phone number using text messaging. Available as an app for Android, Apple's iOS and BlackBerry, it can also be used for online shopping, tracking items purchased and making ATM cash withdrawals. After six months, it might charge 15 pence for each money transfer, although it is well aware that Barclays offers its Pingit service for free.
  • Social Media Stakes Boost Bottom Lines Of Wealthiest
    Andrey Andreev, 38, the London-based Russian businessman who founded the online dating site Badoo, is a new entrant in the list worth GBP500 million. Joanna Shields, the European vice-president of Facebook, is expected to add to her wealth when the business floats. Despite the UK dipping into another recession, its wealthiest 1,000 people have become even richer over the past year, according to latest figures. Bucking the economic downturn and record unemployment, the super-rich have so far enjoyed a great 2012, with the combined wealth of the richest 1,000 now standing at a record GBP414.26 billion, up 4.7%.
  • Perform Group Plans Sports Channels For Facebook
    The UK digital video provider is betting that fans of international football, tennis and other games will watch with friends on the social network by launching more than 50 sports channels there. The London-based company's move to Facebook, where users can watch the sports channels without leaving the social networking site, follows distribution agreements to put its content on Google's YouTube site and LG's smart television sets. Perform's management believes the social network could become its largest source of traffic, thanks to the viral effect of Facebook's "open graph".
  • Chelsea FC's Qualification Final Broke Twitter Record
    Reported by dailymail.co.uk, users of the micro-blogging service broke the world record for the number of tweets published during a sporting event per second, smashing the previous record held by February 2012s Superbowl climax between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. Activity peaked at an impressive 13,684 messages per second, beating the 12,233 set by the Superbowl and serving to highlight the vast amount of social media content sent to Twitter per second. It also shows the rapid rise of Twitter, as during the 2008 Superbowl, the service peaked at a mere 27 tweets per second.
  • App Turns Social Media Feed Into 'Star Wars Crawl'
    Designed and created by McCann London and UM International to support the launch of "Kinect Star Wars" for the Xbox 360, the app aggregates information from users' Facebook and Twitter feeds and makes it resemble the iconic openings of the popular space opera franchise. The new title uses the Xbox 360's motion detecting Kinect hardware to translate players' physical actions into commands. The free app is available now for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.
  • Murdoch Foresees End Of Printed Newspapers
    Speaking under questioning at the Leveson inquiry into press misconduct, Rupert Murdoch, CEO and founder of News Corp., said, "The day will come when we can't afford trucks and huge [printing] presses and we'll be purely electronic." He spoke about the proliferation of tablets and mobile devices, and underlined that, "We are spending a lot of money trying to -- and succeeding in -- presenting every word of our newspapers on modern tablets." News Corp. has taken a stance against giving content away for free. ... The Times of London can be seen in any corner of the world, so …
  • Children Say Online Social Life Better Than Real One
    Some 59%of children born since 1995 said their real social life was online, while 48% found the internet more 'fun' than the outside world. Losing access to their favourite sites or their mobile phones would traumatise them more than going without pocket money, new clothes and music or trips to the cinema. The JWT survey questioned 800 children and adults in Britain and the U.S. Half of parents questioned fear their children spend too much time online and 68% wish they would log off and engage more with reality.
  • Many Take Two-Screen Approach To Media Consumption
    IPA’s TouchPoints4 survey finds that two in five 15-24 year old and one in five older adults in the UK watch TV on the Internet whilst watching another programme on a main TV set. The study into consumer behaviour looked at media consumption, general life activities, attitudes and mood and found second screening is becoming an increasingly popular media habit. Nearly half of all adults and three quarters of 15-24s surf the internet on a laptop whilst watching TV. Mobile phones are also popular second screens with more than half of 15-24 year-olds and more than a quarter of all …
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