K-Swiss' Palladium Boots Kicks Off Campaign

Palladium Boots

A new online television series titled "Uneven Terrain" is part of the "Exploration" ad campaign for Palladium Boots, a shoe company owned by K-Swiss that is repositioning itself as a "hipster" boot for cool kids.

VBS -- in conjunction with Virtue Worldwide, the creative and branding agency of Vice -- created the "Exploration" campaign that is ongoing and also includes TV, print and radio. The image campaign includes photography by Peter Sutherland.

"Our goal together with Palladium was to create a series based on the act of exploration, a timeless experience that is both rooted in the history of the brand as well as today's consumer," says Hosi Simon, general manager of Virtue Worldwide. "The imagery of the Uneven Terrain campaign captures this spirit of urban exploration, and wearing Palladium Boots is rather essential when following us on our explorations," he tells Marketing Daily.



Palladium -- maker of the iconic Pampa boot -- has introduced its new winter 2009 collection, featuring premium-grade leather and rich low-nap suede. Re-launched this fall, the utilitarian boot line includes rugged prewashed cotton canvas uppers and heavy-duty rubber toe cap outsoles. Three styles are launching this fall which consist of a low top, high top, and baggy. The boot was worn in the 1940s by the French Foreign Legion.

This week's episode on, the online TV network owned by Vice Media, takes viewers into Los Angeles' network of secret oil wells, sequestered in fake office buildings, disguised as palm trees and artificial islands. The show is devoted to urban exploration and uncovering the hidden, underground and forgotten corners of the world's leading metropolises. was launched in the spring of 2007, and now attracts over four million unique visitors monthly, spending an average time on site of more than 14 minutes per visit. VBS creates and distributes original content online, with more than 40 established show franchises, covering news, travel, sports and other topics.

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