Genesis Today Juices Take On OJ


Superfruit juices maker Genesis Today is launching an ad campaign that directly challenges orange juice.

The print, broadcast, out-of-home and online campaign, which will span more than 15 markets, encourages consumers to switch from OJ to Genesis juices, which include Acai Berry, Cranberry Goji and other varieties.

The ads employ headlines such as "Orange Juice Had a Good Run" and "Our Juice Can Beat Up Your Juice," and make superior nutritional benefits claims for the functional juices.

The company, based in Austin, Tex., is also introducing new labels with more prominent graphics of the fruits used in the juices, and a new bottle design featuring a "sleeker" look and an embossed Genesis Today signature on the top of its front and back. The new design will debut with the 64-ounce size, and be expanded to other sizes next year.



In addition, the company has added cranberry to the ingredients in its Goji Berry variety, and renamed Resveratrol Juice to Pomegranate & Berries with Resveratrol. The renaming is intended to make the variety's flavors clearer to consumers. (Resveratrol is best known as one of the key healthful components in red wine.)

As of early this year, Genesis Today juices are sold in Walmarts and Sam's Clubs nationwide. The company also makes nutritional supplements sold in Whole Foods Market, HEB, GNC and other retailers.

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