Canon Campaign Focuses On Technology


Everyone has pictures they wish they could take again. They're blurry, off-center, dark or too bright in the foreground from a flash. Canon is looking to right a few of these wrongs with a new marketing campaign called "Your Second Shot."

"There's a lot of clutter out there from a lot of different brands, with a lot of celebrity-endorsed products, but there's not a lot of technological propositions to the consumer," Michelle Fernandez, senior marketing manager for Canon, tells Marketing Daily . "We're really putting it in terms of what really matters to [people], which is getting a great photograph."

The multimedia effort showcases the company's HS System, a technology designed to sharpen images even under poor lighting conditions. The campaign, which kicks off this week, begins by telling the story of Sofia and Dan, a young couple who traveled to Barcelona three years ago to take a picture where Sofia's parents first met. Unfortunately, the picture they took three years ago turned out blurry and dark. In a television commercial (and corresponding longer Internet video), the couple heads back to the spot to take a clearer shot using a Canon camera and the HS System.



"Their story is one of missing that one singular moment," Fernandez says. "It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and they were not able to capture the photograph."

Other stories that will be featured on the specially created microsite, www.usa.canon.com/yoursecondshot, show a woman recapturing the poorly photographed surprise she sprung on her father for his 60th birthday and a group of friends who made a bet concerning a mechanical bull.

To increase engagement, Canon is also encouraging people to submit their missed photograph stories via the Web site, for the chance to inspire the next commercial in the campaign.

The television commercial will begin airing in select markets this week before moving to cinema and cable outlets in November. The campaign will also include video and online components.

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