Just An Online Minute... Ring Ring! It's ad:tech New York! Come To Our Booths! Give Us Your Liver!

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When my nephews were little, I remember riding in the car to their soundtrack.  It was always The Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" and Raffi's "Bananaphone."  Both would burrow into my head, invading my background thoughts for days after hearing them.  Whenever ad:tech New York comes around, "Bananaphone" sneaks right back in, "ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, BANANAPHONE!" because every day, more than eight times a day, calls, sometimes the same number within 15 minutes of its last appearance, blow up my phone with the same message: "I understand you're attending ad:tech this year, if I could just heh heh grab 15 minutes of your valuable time, I'd love to talk to you at our booth about [super unique thing] that [does something totally exclusive.]" Within seconds of new voicemail alerting, my inbox refreshes with a new message.  Something about attending ad:tech, visiting a booth... from the person who just left a message.  EVERY DAY.  Welcome to ad:tech New York, it's BANANAPHONE.



Special Note: Send invitations to parties NOT BOOTHS to!

I will lose years off my life in the next two days.  Tonight I'm planning to hit four parties, tomorrow just three.  But this year, this year I'm prepared.  I have an outfit that could be mistaken for cat burglar pajamas.  This is dangerous, as the comfort may inspire me to snooze on a settee at one of the "Exclusive" parties at "New York's hottest clubs." If you see a short gal with a camera zoning out, please don't draw on her, it's me.

So where oh where will I be, and will I see you there?

Comscore Campaign Essentials Carnival at Park New York.  Now see, when I read "Carnival" I expect carnis.  But I have a feeling, and I'd put money on it, that they mean a veritable carnival of knowledge.  I hope they at least serve hotdogs and elephant ears.  I remember this event from last year mainly because a bunch of us made the mistake of biting into some sort of garlic disaster that had amazing staying power throughout the night.

RadiumOne Party at Provocateur.  No idea who RadiumOne is, never been to Provocateur.  But because I watch Boardwalk Empire (aka "how many boobs can we show in one hour"), when I hear Provocateur all I can think of is see-through lingerie and bootleg whiskey.  So I'm going.

Syncapse Platform Launch Party at Avenue Lounge.  Syncapse is a brand new name in the ad:tech party scene, which means new faces for you to look at.  Launch parties also mean bells with whistle sidecars, so I'm thinking this will be pretty sassy.  Avenue Lounge is a new-to-me venue as well, so I'm excited to poke around with my camera.  I wonder what the bathrooms are like.

And finally, if I'm still awake, I'll be heading over to Hudson Terrace, far far away from the lounge parties of the night, way up there on 46th Street and practically sitting on the ocean itself for the Epic Media Group's ad:tech Bash!  You may know Epic Media Group as Epic Advertising or even from last year's night of good vs evil debauchery.  I love Hudson Terrace.  I have yet to go to a dud of a party there, but man, I hope they pepper that roof with space heaters.  I hope it's well-lit, too, because there is no way my flash batteries are going to last this long.

Tomorrow isn't completely taken over by ad:tech events, as I'll be covering the Netmining One Year Anniversary party at one of my favorite places, Carnival!, as well as the Harper's Bazaar party for the publication of "Bazaar Fashion: Your Guide To Personal Style" (AKA "Kelly, your Ohio is showing"), and hopefully the Rubicon party at 230 Fifth.

I think that's enough, don't you?

Scroll through last year's photos to prep for this year's!

Send invitations to parties NOT BOOTHS to!

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