Fuji Adds New Dimension To Ad Campaign


Fujifilm North America is adding another dimension to its advertising campaign, specifically the third one.

The company has created its first video advertising intended to be seen in 3D, appearing in cinemas throughout the holiday season. The spot, which promotes the company's FinePix REAL 3D w3 digital cameras, depicts a variation on the theme of boring vacation slide shows.

As a young man prepares to show off his pictures from New York, his friends, wearing 3D shutter glasses, look bored. But when the man shows his first picture, they're all transported to a streetscape where everything seems more alive and real. (One even punctures a water droplet). The still shot comes back to life when one of the formerly bored guests asks if the camera shoots video too. (Yes, apparently, it can.)

"We looked at our 3D product, and it's such a unique stand-alone product today in the marketplace," Ron Gazzola, vice president of marketing and operations for the company's electronic imaging division, tells Marketing Daily. "3D as a medium is such a hot word with audiences and consumer electronics manufacturers, we felt it was important to get one of our leading products in front of the audience."



The cinema commercial will run from Nov. 19 through Dec. 30 to take advantage of both the holiday movie and selling seasons. The commercial will be appearing before movies such as "Tangled," "Yogi Bear," "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader," "Megamind" and "Tron." A two-dimensional version of the spot will be shown before 2D versions of those films as well as the latest Harry Potter release.

In a multipronged approach, the company is also running a television campaign showcasing its line of long-zoom digital cameras. The commercial, called "Zoom Your World," depicts a family cavorting in a grassy meadow while taking pictures (from both close up and far away) of each other. A catchy jingle, with lyrics such as "Zoom, zoom, zoom, I want to see the things you do, bring 'em all into view," plays throughout.

"The zoom feature is something that resonates with consumers these days, and it's one of the areas [in which] we have great, great products," Gazzola says. "The [zoom campaign] talks to the consumer base in a different way in a relevant technology and product."

The Zoom Your World television commercial will appear on broadcast and cable networks, including highly rated dramas, comedies, reality and sports programming, between Nov. 14 and Dec. 22. The effort will also include national and regional FSI placement, trade and custom regional print ads, and placement on The Geoffrey-Tron digital billboard located at the Times Square Toys R Us.

"One of the things we're doing in the overall investment is aimed at getting the Fujifilm brand name out to the consumer audience in a more concentrated and aggressive way than we have in a number of years," Gazzola says, of the multipronged approach this holiday season. "It's a great opportunity to invest in the brand, specifically in regard to the digital camera."

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