GE's Holiday Game Highlights Lab's Innovation


Hey, even Santa needs to show he's innovating.

GE Global Research, the technology arm for GE, is giving a glimpse into Santa's Toy Lab this holiday season, with an online game that links the innovations coming out of GE's R&D department with popular holiday gifts.

"At Global Research, the mission of our scientists and engineers is to redefine what's possible," company representative Todd Alhart tells Marketing Daily. "GE is a technology company. We have a compelling technology story to tell, which we do in many different ways."

The Tetris-like game, playable at www.ge.com/toylab, encourages people to pair advanced GE technologies (like a Hybrid Drivetrain system and "GE Brain" a mobile sensing and communications hub that has contextual awareness) with classic Christmas toys (such as a toy car or robotic dog). Matches that are made (such as Icephobic coating, which prevents icing on airplanes, and a sled) are wrapped and put into Santa's sleigh. The more matches made, the higher the score, which can be shared at GE's "Edison's Desk" Facebook page. GE has committed to donate $5 to Toys for Tots for each of the first 1,000 players to report their scores.



The initiative, like previous holiday efforts that have shown off a souped-up Santa sleigh, or the first OLED Christmas tree lighting, is meant to show off the real-world applications of many of the technologies being developed at GE, Alhart says.

"For several years now, we have made it a tradition to celebrate the holidays by showcasing GE technology and the great work occurring in our labs," Alhart says. "Creating a new high-tech sleigh for Santa or an interactive online game like Santa's Toy Lab are great ways to connect and reach people of all ages and interests. We can tell our technology story in an engaging way that, we hope, captures people's imagination and spreads some holiday cheer."

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