Bacardi Campaign Brings It All Together


  A new Bacardi campaign is bringing it all together, in more ways than one.

The "Bacardi Together" campaign features creative stressing that the rum brand is one of the great "inventions" that has served to bring people together over the course of history. In addition, the campaign brings together -- that is, integrates -- a variety of media and channels.

An anchor of the new campaign is a 30-second TV spot, "Inventions," from Young and Rubicam. The spot reviews human inventions over the centuries designed to help them get together -- including fire, the wheel and light -- leading up to: "... and over a century ago, we invented Bacardi, to bring it all together."

The commercial, which features Bacardi Superior Rum, the lead product in the brand's portfolio, was filmed by director Johnny Green in a variety of locations across Argentina, and features Funeral Party's "NYC Moves to the Sound of LA" as its theme track.



The spot will run in prime time on national cable networks throughout the summer on leading sports and entertainment networks, including ESPN, Spike, Comedy Central, FX, TBS and TNT.

Earlier this month, the brand launched outdoor and digital media executions of the "Bacardi Together" campaign in markets including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas, Minneapolis and Chicago. These feature "Mixes well with others" messaging, reinforcing the theme of people socializing over a Bacardi cocktail.


In addition, the "together" theme extends to a new Facebook and social media platform, "Like It Live, Like It Together." Consumers who visit Bacardi's Facebook page and "like" the brand can cast their votes for their top "likes" and win tickets to attend two "amazing events" shaped by their "likes" input. The events will be held in New York City and Las Vegas on June 13 and 15, respectively.

The Facebook initiative, launched May 2, has already generated 160,000 new Bacardi Facebook fans, and the events are nearly at capacity, reports Billy Melnyk, senior brand manager, Bacardi rums. Fans' "likes" are "curating" the activities -- determining the talent, activities and food at the events, he says. For example, rappers Cee Lo Green and Kid Cudi will appear at the New York and Las Vegas events, respectively.

Bacardi is now Facebook-posting updates on the details of the events as shaped by fans, and will video the events and post those on Facebook, as well -- "completing the loop," says Melnyk. "We've built a strong relationship with Facebook -- Bacardi's ability to bring people together fits perfectly with Facebook's social purpose," he adds.

The message that it's important to make time for personal, live socializing as well as connecting online is clearly at the core of Bacardi's theme. (A "Bacardi Together Manifesto" video created by the brand's global marketing team that's on YouTube -- an experiment with viral messaging -- stresses sometimes putting aside devices and harried work schedules to meet with friends.)

But Melynk points out that far from conveying an anti-technology message, Bacardi is employing technology as a "catalyst" and enabler of live get-togethers, by creating and promoting the live events through Facebook.

The campaign was designed to unify the brand's product portfolio, as well as consumers, by creating both live and online Bacardi get-together opportunities, summed up Toby Whitmoyer, VP, category managing director for Bacardi rums, in a release. The TV spot and other creative elements depict daily-life scenarios and moments of celebration over Bacardi -- known for its "spirit for life" and heritage -- to which people can readily relate, he noted.

"We've had great campaigns in the past, but this one really expresses Bacardi's core 'bringing people together' truth across all of the campaign's elements," adds Melnyk.

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