Cheerios, Fitness Mag Team On Weight-Loss Program

CheeriosGeneral Mills’ Multi Grain Cheerios and Meredith Corp.’s Fitness magazine have partnered to create an online weight-loss program that’s being promoted across multiple platforms.

The four-week program spans quick recipes and “mix-and-match” 1,500-calorie meals and snack menus from senior culinary nutritionist/Fitness contributor Natalia Hancock; workouts created by Joe Dowdell, founder of Peak Performance gym in New York City, author of “Ultimate You: A 4-Phase Total Body Makeover for Women Who Want Maximum Results” and a Fitness advisory board member; a cardio plan to burn calories; and motivational tips and techniques.

To access the free program, hosted on a custom Cheerios brand site, the consumer needs to provide an access code from inside a specially marked box of Multi Grain Cheerios (at least 7.5 million of the boxes, available in stores through June 30, will promote the program).  



The online plan also links to the magazine’s site, and offers users a discounted subscription offer.

In addition, New York-based Meredith Video Studios is producing a series of custom videos for the cereal brand. The videos follow the progress of three girlfriends as they achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals.

The video kicking off the co-branded fitness program aired in early January on “The Better Show.” That daily lifestyle show, also produced by Meredith Video Studios, reaches nearly 80% of U.S. television households and is available in nine of the top 10 U.S. markets, according to Meredith. Meredith Corp. owns or operates 13 television stations that reach nearly 10% of television households.

Fitness will promote the plan on its Twitter account (75,000-plus followers) and Facebook page (260,000-plus “likes”), and Multi Grain Cheerios is likely to do the same, according to a spokesperson for the magazine. Multi Grain has its own Twitter account (currently about 1,700 followers) and is represented on the general Cheerios Facebook page (nearly 600,000 “likes”).

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  1. Ryan Parker from NIR Alpha, January 21, 2012 at 3:37 p.m.

    To me, the only way towards permanent weight loss is through education. Most programs only concentrate on the diets and exercises and don't even educate their clients on how the body works. It is important to know how to feed, care and exercise your body so it performs at its best all the time. Education is the hall-mark of a good weight loss program that offers good results.

    I've personally lost 180lbs since Dec 2009. My blood pressure was 160/110, now its 120/80. My cholesterol was 256 mg/dL, now its 176mg/dL. I'm no longer Pre-Diabetic and I'm in the best shape of my life. It wasn't easy but I can say that everyone can do it if they have the right program.

    If you're interested in my story please head over to


    Ryan E. Parker

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