Miracle Whip Taps Celebs For Mock-PSA Video Push

Miraclewhip-BKraft Foods’ Miracle Whip is building on its contrarian “We’re Not For Everyone” campaign with new videos featuring singer Wynonna Judd, actor Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development,” “The Larry Sanders Show”) and comedian Michael Ian Black (“Michael and Michael Have Issues,” “Celebrity Poker Showdown”).

The tongue-in-cheek video campaign from Mcgarrybowen, Chicago, dubbed “Keep an Open Mouth,” satirizes the tried-and-true public service announcement approach of celebrities delivering personal appeals for a cause. 

In this case, the celebs speak to the “injustice” of people being biased against Miracle Whip -- at least when they’ve never tried it -- and urge viewers to take a pledge on the its Facebook page to help end the misperceptions about the brand. The point, of course, is to get more (youngish, in particular) consumers to try the sandwich spread. 



For example, Black looks soulfully into the camera as he declares that “One out of four people in this country loves the creamy, sweet and tangy flavor of Miracle Whip. Sadly, two out of the other four hate them for it. And one out of those two hasn’t even tried it…Well, we think that one out of two of the original four is being pretty unfair…Let’s declare an end to this injustice, this unfair judgment against a simple sandwich spread. Keep an open mind, and an open mouth. Join the Cause. Sign the Pledge. “

Judd, cradling a jar of Miracle Whip, says: “They’re out there…thousands of them. But we don’t see them. Or worse, look the other way. Turn a cold shoulder. Close our eyes to what’s really going on…won’t you be an angel and help rescue countless others like [her jar]…the worst part…a lot of these naysayers have never even tried it. So do your part -- give a bottle a chance…do your part, and stop the unfair treatment of Miracle Whip.”

The videos debuted this week on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 

Also, starting June 14 and through July, they will be appearing on Alloy Digital’s digital entertainment network (including editorial integration within sites targeting those 25 to 34, plus promos to the network’s Facebook and Twitter fan base), as well as on Hulu and AOL.

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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, June 11, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

    If one out of four love Miracle Whip, that only leaves the other three. Won't you sign the pledge to end math illiteracy in this country?

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