DG Rebrands: Forms Online, TV Business Groups


DG Inc. will bring together all its companies under one unified brand today. Each of the eight brands, supported by nearly 40 Web sites, will become a product and a service within two product lines.

The DG MediaMind business unit will focus services online, including Peer39, supporting content optimization, data and attribution. The DG Video Fusion business unit will support TV distribution and the ability to take converged video and TV assets, pushing them online.

It supports services like data and syndicated content for news and prime-time shows. Both divisions are built to support and manage assets and consistent data.

During the past three to four years, DG acquired many assets. Rebranding the companies has allowed clients to tap into and execute on services more quickly and easily. The company's executives believe video will become the foundation for online advertising.

Last year, the company delivered more than 1 trillion impressions supported by 2 terabytes of data daily, according to DG CMO Ricky Liversidge. The company claims to manage 10% of the world's media assets.

"One of the things we gained from the MediaMind acquisition was the incredible set of engineering resources that can solve tough technology challenges," Liversidge said. "That mindset puts us in a better place in the TV business, because we now have the ability to improve quality control and manage assets in a more streamlined way."

Imagine taking a TV commercial and automatically pushing it through to the MediaMind platform to apply techniques against video like content optimization or verification.

The company's redesign will put it in a good position to reduce cost, optimize content and reduce the time it takes the ads to migrate from TV to the online market. DG delivered 126 out of 150 ads for the last Super Bowl, and the company "sits on 80% of all TV commercials," according to Liversidge. "Those ads are about changing perception. Taking TV ads online drives the long tail."

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