Fancy Feast Redefines The Catwalk

Fancy Feast and celebrity fashion designer Malan Breton are redefining the catwalk with feline-inspired fashions at New York Fashion Week.

From colorful and retro feline patterns to the classic cat-eye, the cat is today's fashion muse.

The cat food manufacturer and designer have partnered to create a runway show.

Known for drawing inspiration from the latest design trends and fashion influences, Breton created three looks for his Spring/Summer 2014 collection based on the style, look and timeless beauty of the iconic Fancy Feast cat, a beautiful Silver Chinchilla Persian. The stunning beauty of the cat motivated him to showcase new design styles that unite people's love of fashion and cats.

"Fancy Feast enjoys sharing cat-inspired fashion with its fans," said Courtney Louch, Fancy Feast assistant brand manager, in a release. "Partnering with Malan Breton at STYLE360 has given us the opportunity to bring cat fashion trends and looks to life for our passionate fans to experience."  



Novelty details from Breton's collection include a classically elegant black-and-white suit, inspired by the strength and all-knowing wisdom of the feline; a sexy and youthful knee-length dress inspired by the soft and gentle loving spirit of the cat; and a gown with a 17-foot-long train, reminiscent of the unconditional love, loyalty, beauty and friendship one receives from her cat.

Fancy Feast is sharing event highlights and additional cat-centric fashion ideas on its Facebook page. Malan Breton is showcasing the cat-inspired pieces on his Web site.

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