PCH Launches Mobile Ad Targeting Using Member-Provided Data

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) has released a mobile advertising platform for Web and apps using first-party member profile data. The platform can determine the device type and serve full-page interstitials across its mobile Web properties and applications.

The platform -- Chrysalis, a mobile advertising optimization engine -- aims to turn underperforming ads into high-performing ads through PCH first-party verified data that members provide when they sign up to use the sites. The technology was developed with Liquid Wireless, a PCH company, and determines when to serve every ad impression as well as which type --  whether video and display, supporting application downloads, lead-generation offers, profile surveys, and more.

"Most publishers on mobile struggle with low CPM display ads, poor fill rates for video ads, and trying to figure out how to put ads that matter in front of consumers that matter," said Josh Glantz, VP and GM or PCH online. "They will tell you they're having trouble targeting their ads because most mobile publishers don't have a way to leverage first-party data."

Chrysalis has tripled the performance of PCH's mobile advertising units using member-provided information, similar to the way Facebook serves ads, per Glantz.

PCH supports about 10 million users on mobile and desktop. It has opened the platform to ad agencies, ad networks, brands and app developers. SGN and IGG are two brands using the platform.

Chrysalis recently launched on the mobile PCHLotto.com property. Thursday it launches on PCHgames.com, next week on PCH VIP app for iOS and Android running devices, followed by PCH.com on mobile. It will roll out on three additional properties in December.

More publishers are using first-party verified data. SessionM recently launched mCAST using the same type of data. The start-up offers a mobile loyalty and rewards platform combining first-party data with self-reported survey data to target consumers with ads and deals for clients like cable channel Syfy.

At PCHLotto.com, members come to the site through a mobile device, select their winning numbers and hit submit. In return, they see a full page mobile ad that requires them to fill out a form, click through the ad, or skip to the next page where they will have another chance to play a lotto game.


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  1. Anni Paul from BoscoSystems, November 8, 2013 at 1:30 a.m.

    When you think about it, there really aren't that many ad networks and platforms that can truly say they are successful or profitable. There are only a handful of AdMob and Airpush quality ad networks out there, but when I see the growing emphasis on big data/relevant user information among new ventures like what PCH is doing, I think there will be more big players coming down the pike. And that is exactly what this young industry needs.

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