Google Expands Engagement Ads Across Devices

Google has made it easier to set up and run Engagement Ads campaigns across device screens on its display network by developing a simple workflow and user interface. The self-service feature gives marketers the opportunity to take control of their advertising campaign.

Jaguar Land Rover North America, Kate Spade, Audi and Under Amour are among the brands using the new ad format launched in November.

The ads fit in standard display units. The units allow brands to use standard YouTube mastheads across the Web. It also enables brand marketers to scale the campaign across Web publishers. When the site visitor hovers over the ad for more than two seconds, the unit expands. This delay aims to eliminate accidental expansions in hopes of providing a better user experience and more accurate reporting for advertisers.

The ads are available on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis, allowing advertisers to bid and pay only for user engagement, which Google believes brings accountability to a scalable display campaign.

The ability to cross channels and devices provides benefits -- but eMarketer points out that new technologies and better data can bring this longtime dream of a unified experience within reach, yet few brands can accomplish the goal.

The analysis company points to a Retail Systems Research study that estimates 84% of retailers worldwide believe creating a consistent customer experience across channels is very important.

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