Check Yourself: DoubleVerify's New Fraud-Free Viewability Measurement

DoubleVerify this week announced the launch of IQ Viewability+, a viewability measurement tool that eliminates fraudulent impressions from analytics.

“With digital ad fraud gaining in sophistication and scale, advertisers need assurances that they’re not paying for phony ads that never reached their intended customers,” stated DoubleVerify CEO Wayne Gattinella. “With the basis for online media payments rapidly transitioning to a viewable impression, it’s essential that the data that advertisers and their agencies use is fraud-free.”

According to the DoubleVerify statement announcing the launch, the Media Rating Council (MRC) will update its viewability guidelines to deem fraudulent impressions not viewable. As such, media traders looking to use viewability as a “currency” -- meaning only paying for impressions that are in-view -- would need to eliminate fraudulent impressions from their data sets.

“Ad fraud is a major concern as the industry moves toward transactions based on viewable impressions,” stated Angelina Eng, vice president and director of digital media operations at Aegis Media NA. “As buyers, we will use viewability as a fundamental KPI for assessing campaign performance."



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