Now Hear This: Provenir Launches New Listening Platform

Boston-based tech company Provenir is introducing the "Big Data Listening and Engagement Platform" that monitors consumer comments about brands across multiple channels.

Several global agencies have signed on to the new service, according to the company. Only one, however -- UK-based Havas EHS -- has publicly confirmed that it has agreed to use the new platform.

The Havas-owned agency said it would use the Provenir system to drive its own real-time engagement offering, called FULCRM. Tash Whitmey, CEO of Havas EHS, said Provenir will help its FULCRM offering deliver “data inspired ideas … It uses contextual data in real-time to build far deeper pictures of each customer and allows us to deliver immediate, intimate actions that are genuinely engaging." 



Havas EHS used the Provenir platform in one pilot project to convert a client’s traditional card-based loyalty program into one that is digital, mobile, social and connected in real-time. The brand is now listening to the Twitter pipe for comments from its loyalty program members, and when detected, automatically awards loyalty points. Members can also earn points and redeem them in real-time.  

Provenir says there are currently 20 active campaigns using the platform. While the company would not disclose specifics, they are within categories, including travel/tourism, retail, hospitality, luxury automotive and the airline industry.

Omnichannel communication is essential for companies in today's media landscape. Consumers regularly dial a company's call center while simultaneously visiting the brand's Web site. Or they will tweet about an experience while waiting in line to make a purchase.

But according to Provenir, few companies have technology that connects all of these multiple touchpoints. "Companies have all of these connections [such as] point-of-sale, email engines, mobile apps, but they aren't wired to go together," says Jeff Nicholson, VP Marketing, Provenir.

Provenir's cloud-based platform serves as a hub to monitor all customer engagement, says Nicholson. "Advertising has shifted to become an always-on engagement. Consumers want to be listened to more than spoken at," he adds. "What's important is to monitor the comments or events to understand the triggers and context, and know that they didn't happen in isolation."

"Woman Listening" photo from Shutterstock.

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