Water Cooler Effect Cools Off: Super Bowl 'Sharing' Begins To Slow

Among all the improving advertising-related statistics of the Super Bowl, one may stand out when it comes to its lackluster results: sharing of content, TV and ads.

There was only a 1% rise in the overall sharing of Super Bowl content versus the 2013 event, per AddThis, a company that regularly measures activity across the Web and consumer interactions.

That said, it notes that some individual social media players/platforms that fostered that sharing of content -- TV and other content -- had strong growth: Sharing on mobile devices was up 67% versus the 2013 event; Facebook activity grew 42.9%; and Pinterest added on 7% versus the last Super Bowl Sunday.

The best individual engagement went to big-time, movie-trailer-like commercials -- with major movie performers in those spots -- from three automakers. Maserati had a 65 times rise in social media engagement; Kia, 61 times; and Jaguar, 53 times. The new Maserati ad also bested all auto advertisers by 2.4 times, compared with the previous six Sundays.

Butterfinger had some 12 times results, beating Chobani’s 11.8 times results, for the largest social lift among food brands. Content about the Budweiser and Bud Light ads generated the best results on Facebook throughout Sunday.



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  1. Maria Morris from American Family Insurance, February 4, 2014 at 10:54 a.m.

    Curious if that includes all of the sharing and viewing prior to the broadcast. It seemed like this year, more so than ever, ads were heavily promoted across channels ahead of time.

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