Evian Generates V-Day Social Messages For Fans

Evian's latest effort to promote its "Live Young" brand mantra is a global, multiplatform social media campaign for Valentine's Day in which it's helping people express their feelings in non-clichéd fashion.

The campaign runs across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

To participate, people tweet Evian in the U.S. or U.K. using the hashtag #ILoveYouLike. 

Evian replies to the tweets with playful messages such as “I love you like keys love hiding" or "I love you like coffee loves clean white shirts," encouraging the recipients to then share these analogies with their loved ones. 

Brand fans are also being encouraged to share their own suggestions of how to complete the sentence “I love you like...” on Facebook, for chances to win Evian Valentine’s Day prizes. 



The competition, running through Feb. 14, will run on several of Evian’s local Facebook assets, including its U.S., U.K., and France pages. The best suggestions are being shared across the brand's global channels. 

Agency We Are Social created "I Love You Like"-themed campaign content being shared on Evian’s global Facebook and Pinterest pages, as well as photographic content for Instagram. 

While the theme is consistent worldwide, the content has been tailored to ensure that it is relevant to local markets.

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