Accenture Video, Google Glass Explore Wearable Tech For Interactive TV

Accenture, along with telecom technology service provider KPN, has developed a proof of concept using Google Glass and Accenture Video Solution. The companies are exploring potential applications of wearable technologies for interactive television viewing and storage.

Using KPN’s Interactive TV service built on the Accenture Video Solution software platform enables subscribers to watch TV on more devices. The two companies will demonstrate at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona how the platform offer hands-free, voice-controlled interaction and shares content between the main TV screen and Google Glass.

Today, the app gives viewers access to content from anywhere when away from the primary TV, because it stores programming in the cloud. It also acts as a remote controller by allowing viewers to control TV functions like channel, program and program preview selection, fast-forward and rewind, giving viewers a single, platform-independent device to manage and control the TV directly.



It also lets viewers access a layer of real-time information while watching programs. For example, as people watch live sports events, they can access statistics and other results or review event highlights, for an enriched and personalized TV experience.

Last year, Accenture developed a proof of concept with electronics maker Royal Philips for a Google Glass head-mounted display giving researchers ways to improve the performance of surgical procedures.

The app connects Google Glass to Philips IntelliVue Solutions and proves the concept of seamless transfer of patient vital signs into Google Glass, potentially providing physicians with hands-free access to clinical information.

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