Mindshare In Weather Data Pact

Mindshare and Weather Co., parent of the Weather Channel, have struck a deal providing Mindshare access to reams of weather data the agency will be able to use to adjust ad buys based on weather forecasts.

That’s according to a Wall Street Journalblog report that the deal is expected to be announced this week.  

According to the blog report, the agreement comes in the wake of efforts by Weather Co., run by ad veteran David Kenny, to better understand how consumer habits change with the weather.

The deal doesn’t appear to be exclusive. According to the WSJ report, Weather Co. hopes the Mindshare agreement will be the first of many similar deals.

It’s likely that Mindshare will integrate the weather data it receives via the agreement with the agency’s “Loop” operation that is designed to identify and activate real-time media and marketing opportunities for its clients.

A Mindshare rep didn’t return a query seeking comment about the WSJ report. 



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  1. Richard Kalt from CRN International, Inc., April 18, 2014 at 3:04 p.m.

    It's good to see Mindshare recognizing the use of weather, leveraging context and immediacy, to benefit their clients. We know it delivers as CRN International initiated the first weather triggered radio campaigns for Campbell Soup over 30 years ago and we continue to execute them for our clients today. It's always relevant. Using the reach and immediacy of local radio to drive to retail in advance of storms and extreme cold as well as spring rains, pollen count and summer heat has been extremely effective for our many Mediarology(r) clients over the years. I hope that more agencies, like Mindshare will use radio in their planning because of its effectiveness in these key circumstantial opportunities.

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