PCH Launches Mobile Ad Optimization Service

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) will release a mobile-ad optimization service on the Liquid Wireless platform that supports tasks similar to multivariate testing technology.

Using first-party audience data and proprietary analytics, the new service gives app developers and user acquisition teams the ability to test and optimize advertising creative pieces, based on gender. Attributes like device, source and age will follow.

The time of day and Web site traffic often alter outcomes, making it difficult to compare and measure ads. The platform feature automates processes and removes the manual labor. The system analyzes the influence of the ads across traffic segments to determine those that perform best and in what environment.

PCH counts more than 1 million players who come daily from mobile devices, contributing to the 15 million total unique monthly users to the company's Web site. Sometimes, 65% daily come from mobile, but not on average.

Prior to building out the mobile optimization in the Liquid Wireless platform, PCH designers had difficulties testing content and pulling out data -- until now, Jason Cianchette, general manager at PCH, told Mobile Marketing Daily.

The platform produces double the conversion rates for some ads, based solely on optimizing by gender. Some game titles' conversion rates rose from 6% to 8%. In the social casino app vertical, an ad design performing 30% better than average for men performed 23% worse than average for women. PCH also had several ad designs that performed "good," but when after optimizing the mobile ad one design performed more than twice as well as the other.

The platform makes ad adjustment sin real-time and shares the data with clients. Transparency and quality help to provide better results for each campaign.

Leveraging first-party demographic data will lead to targeting content based on predictive behavior, Cianchette said. The data helps to predict the type of apps, games and services PCH should develop, along with the most effective creative pieces. When asked whether the company plans to white-label the technology, he said: "We're contemplating how to take the first party data and extend it deeper into the marketplace." "We've seen tremendous lift in our network and want to somehow share it with others."

Sharing the technology with those outside the PCH network could mean the company would spin off a technology division to support advertising and optimization across other networks. As technology becomes a greater focus, clients begin to behave more like traditional brand advertisers across an advertising network, making transparency a major focus. It relies on data to support decisions.

PCH sees a 30% click-through rate on email, 25% CTR on app push notifications and 10 minutes time spent playing per session. Approximately 500,000 players come back daily for a chance to win, supporting a seven-day retention rate at 22%.

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