Google, Bing, Yahoo Intent-Driven Search Data Comes To Facebook

Kenshoo has combined search and social on Facebook to drive intent-driven ad targeting on the social site. The company on Wednesday introduced Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA) in what it bills as the first platform that matches clicks on search engine ads to audiences on Facebook in real-time.

The technology allows marketers to create Facebook Custom Audiences, meaning segments of users who have clicked on specific search ads. The tool can target these searches to receive ads across Facebook’s entire ad inventory, including mobile, via Facebook’s filtering capabilities that refine targeting on top of consumer search intent data.

Aaron Goldman, Kenshoo CMO, doesn't see the tool taking budgets from search because it makes search campaigns more valuable and helps to convert consumers on Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as Facebook. "This may take budgets from display or other channels, but not search because it's always going to be your strongest ROI," he said. "Most people are taking from display, ad networks or exchanges and portal sponsorship. That's where Facebook's money comes from."

A multi-month test with a unnamed national retailer, Facebook campaigns targeting IDA achieved up to 110% higher return on investment and 66% lower cost per click (CPC) than similar search engine marketing campaigns. These campaigns running on Facebook also had a positive impact on paid-search campaign performance with SEM campaign conversion rate increasing by 19%, lifting paid-search revenue by 22% per Kenshoo.

Goldman said about five brands tested the platform in a very small beta, but the company has begun to offer the tool to the rest of its clients.

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  1. michael Kaushansky from Havas Helia, June 9, 2014 at 10:17 p.m.

    Very relevant but a bit creepy from a consumer standpoint? You click on a keyword and suddenly see the Ad in FB? Not sure if that would influence or repel?

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