Denny's Offers Branded, Remixed Atari Games

Denny's and Atari have partnered to offer Denny's-branded, remixed versions of classic Atari video games.

The concept: Tie the updated games into the fast-food chain's new, limited-time "Greatest Hits Remixed" menu, featuring modern updates of some of Denny's' most popular items.

The games include "Hashteroids" (adapted from the original Atari "Asteroids"); "Take-Out" (after the original "Breakout"); and "Centipup" (renamed from the original "Centipede," to honor Denny's' pancakes). New names aside, the games include new experience elements such as flying hash browns and syrup bottle shooters. 

The games — designed primarily to attract Gen X consumers with families, as opposed to the Millennial target of most fast-food and other brand campaigns these days — are available to consumers who download Denny's' free mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.



Denny's' remixed menu includes items such as a "Red, White and Blue Slam," a variation on the Grand Slam that includes pancakes with blueberry and strawberry toppings. 

The Atari campaign, scheduled to continue for about three months, was developed by Denny's' lead agency, Erwin Penland. Elements include TV ads from Penland, as well as Hispanic TV ads from Casanova Pendrill. 

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