Ooyala Snaps Up Videoplaza

Telstra subsidiary Ooyala today acquired Videoplaza, the European-based ad serving and programmatic platform known for its Karbon brand, increasing Ooyala’s worlwide footprint and giving Ooyala more in-house capacity. No purchase price was announced.

Combining platforms also lets start-up Videoplaza make more of a dent in the U.S. market.

Videoplaza, it says,  handles video advertising for half of Europe’s broadcasters and several top publishers in Asia Pacific. 

Its clients include affiliates of the RTL Group, Bonnier Group and Sony Entertainment India. Ooyala handles U.S. publishers such as ESPN and Univision and qualifies billions of analytic events from over 150 milion viewers worldwide.

The  combination lets the new company provide a more unified digital video delivery and advertising platform. Ooyala said it will be able to offer a more complete start-to-finish digital video delivery and advertising platform,  giving clients information about what people are watching and what advertising will reach them best.

The transaction continues the consolidation of the digital ad serving business just as video advertising is exploding.  Earlier, Comcast acquired Freewheel, Facebook got LiveRail and AOL snapped up

Videoplaza CEO and founder Sorosh Tavakoli and execs stay where they are, according to the release.  

Tavakoli started the business in 2007 with two partners with the aim of improving the delivery of online video and advertising to consumers at a time users were increasingly migrating to digital platforms.

Ooyala, only acquired by Telstra earlier this year, and called the  acquisition a “first step in a multistep strategy aimed at establishing global leadership in personalized cloud TV and video,” and said the joining of the two companies enables a rapid expansion, using Ooyala’s global sales force.
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