Videology Expands Partnership With LiveRamp To Include Mobile Targeting

Expanding on a partnership first struck just over one year ago, programmatic video ad platform Videology users can now use LiveRamp, a data on-boarder, for mobile video targeting. The partnership allows Videology clients to use their first-party data for mobile video advertising via Videology’s platform.

Through its partnership with LiveRamp, Videology and its clients can plan cross-screen campaigns across television, online video and now mobile video. It is the next step in Videology’s grand plan of allowing advertisers to plan multi-screen video campaigns using the same data they use in the digital display space, a company representative told Real-Time Daily.

“In order to enable brands to reach consumers seamlessly wherever they are viewing TV or video content, we are strong proponents of holistic, cross-screen planning,” stated Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology. “Mobile devices are undoubtedly an increasingly important part of this mix.”

LiveRamp matches anonymized mobile device IDs and cookies (the collection of which consumers can opt-out of) to target and measure across devices, per a release.

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