Most Second-Screeners Don't Follow TV, Ads

Most second-screen ad activity is still unrelated to primary TV program/advertising content.

Currently, just 11% of multiscreen users proactively use a digital device to follow up on a TV ad, according to Millward Brown, the advertising research agency.

Millward Brown says that overall, 35% of all screen time involves simultaneous usage of TV and a digital device.

The agency says 16-24 viewers spend 155 minutes per day accessing the Internet via their smartphones and only 101 minutes watching TV. For 35-45 years, the equivalent figures are 118 minutes for both smartphones and TV. In addition, it says 16- to-24-year-olds are more likely to be distracted or "stacking" while watching TV.

Still, Millward Brown says Twitter continues to make it easier for marketers to align their TV and social-media campaigns. The big social-media platform now has over 70 media partners for its Twitter Amplify effort, which allows for integration of TV and social-media content.

Millward Brown cites Magna Global when it comes to the growth of online video multiscreen advertising, which climbed to $11 billion globally from $8 billion. The research company said it saw a 25% rise in the average reach of online video campaigns — to 20% from 16%.



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