Marin Inks Deals With Mobile Exchanges MoPub, Nexage For Cross-Channel Ad Targeting

Marin Software announced Monday that its platform now integrates with mobile ad exchanges MoPub and Nexage, giving marketers a connection to consumers through mobile in-app and display ads. The company also released features helping marketers identify and target ads to consumers as they switch between desktop, smartphones and tablets.

For instance, if a consumer visits an advertiser's site while on a desktop and then switches to a mobile device, the advertiser can serve ads to the consumer on their mobile device based on their desktop visit. Integrating with MoPub and Nexage helps advertisers target consumers across any device and serve ads from premium mobile inventory.

Combined with Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite, advertisers can reach specific audience segments on smartphones and tablets with ads that are more aligned with consumers' interests. A cross-device conversion-tracking platform helps to track the impact of their mobile retargeting campaigns.

A shopper might hop over to the Open Table or the Yelp app on a mobile device from a brand's Web site after looking at a few products, where they can pick a restaurant for lunch. The consumer might see the brand's ad in the app they are using to pick a restaurant. "From the advertiser's perspective, all your desktop cookie segments have now been bridged to mobile devices," explains Brad Flora, senior director of product management at Marin Software.

Flora came to Marin with the 2014 acquisition of Perfect Audience, where he founded the company and served as president.

The growth of content consumption on mobile devices far outpaces growth on desktop computers and laptops, Flora said. Consumer behavior continues to push the trend. More consumers are starting searches and purchases on one device and moving on to the next. They may go back and forth several times before ultimately making the purchase or completing the conversion.

The changes to Marin's platform will also help marketers increase the adoption of audience-targeting techniques to improve search return on investments through remarketing lists for search ads RLSA and bridging tactics across paid channels, social, display, and video, Flora said.


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