AdsWizz Taps Lotame For Data Management

Digital radio advertising technology firm AdsWizz is bolstering its ad targeting capabilities through a partnership with Lotame, allowing advertisers to target their audio messages by audience demographic characteristic and behaviors.

The partnership integrates Lotame’s Data Management Platform with the AdsWizz AdWave marketplace to deliver ads to specific digital radio audience segments.

Lotame’s DMP collects and organizes a range of third-party data about audiences, which marketers can access through audience profile reports, allowing them to tailor their ad creative and delivery strategy based on audience interests and behaviors.

They can also add audience extensions to increase their reach; the company’s cross-device targeting service enables sequential messaging and personalization as consumers move between screens.



For its part, AdsWizz offers advertisers and publishers a number of digital ad services, including serving audio and video ads, audience measurement, and audio ad exchanges, providing ad network services for unsold inventory for ad sellers and publishers.

According to the company, it has doubled the amount of premium ad inventory available to advertisers in the U.S. since last year.

Last year, iHeartMedia, formerly Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, partnered with AdsWizz to develop new techniques for insertion of targeted audio ads in live broadcast radio streams. The system, developed with HTTP Live Streaming, enables advertisers to target listeners based on their user profiles, listening preferences, location, demographic and psychographic criteria and devices.

Advertisers can also create custom segments using listener data. The system provides a range of audience metrics and historical analytics for each stream.

Also last year, AdsWizz partnered with Marketron to launch Mediascape Streaming, a campaign management service for online radio publishers.

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