Kantar Shopcom, IRI Integrate Data

Big Data is getting even bigger, thanks to a series of deals for data integration between major marketing research and analytics firms. The latest brings together Kantar Shopcom, a division of Kantar Retail, with IRI. The partnership will merge Kantar Shopcom’s retail purchase transaction data from shopper loyalty card with IRI’s consumer panel data and point-of-sale transaction data.

The combined databases will enable multichannel media planning, targeting, and measurement based on actual consumer purchase data.

Kantar Shopcom has gathered purchase data for around 30 million consumers. Conversely, IRI’s consumer purchase panel tracks purchases by over 100,000 participants, while its point-of-sale data includes purchases from over 34,000 consumer packaged goods retail outlets.

Together, the combined data sources represent over 95% of U.S. CPG spending.

The data integration should provider advertisers and media planners and buyers greater insight into the connections between media, in-store activity, and offline sales lift, along with the impact of variables like price, distribution and in-store promotion, the partners claim.



Kantar Shopcom and IRI will both market the products and services created by this data integration partnership.

Last month, IRI struck a deal with Datalogix giving it access to the latter’s retail shopper transaction data, which has been integrated with data from IRI’s national consumer panel to power its new “Platinum” analytics service. Under the terms of the agreement, IRI gained access to Datalogix data gathered from frequent shopper programs to improve its analytics in areas like pricing and trade promotion, predictive analytics and marketing mix modeling.

In return, Datalogix gained access to IRI’s Liquid Data technology, as well as applications including its Consumer & Shopper Insights Advantage and Market Advantage, to help expand its coverage of retail sales activity.

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