Adobe Builds Partner Chain To Take On Marketing Funnel, Redefines Programmatic

Adobe will announce a slew of partnerships Tuesday at its annual summit in Salt Lake City. IBM Interactive, Accenture Interactive, Rosetta, Razorfish, BrightEdge, Gigya and SapientNitro are among those on the list that will help the Salt Lake City company build out a network of integrated services.  

During Adobe's Summit 2015, BrightEdge will demonstrate a search engine optimization tool that the company calls LPO Intelligence. It integrates with Adobe Experience Manager to provide brand marketers with suggestions on how to optimize landing pages based on the landing pages of competing brands. It aims to solve the problem of a lack of information when it comes to optimization for pages tied to sitelinks or paid search advertisements, for example.

Searchmetrics also announced an integration to help content marketers and authors create high-quality Web content that reflects the way Google delivers search results. It analyzes the intentions behind search queries to improve rankings for content. The technology also protects against Google's algorithms viewing copy as spam by advising if there is similar or duplicate content elsewhere on the Web. Authors are given suggestions about the ideal structure of content, such as text length and headlines, all in real-time.



Adobe's Kevin Lindsay, director of product marketing for Adobe Target, and Tim Waddell, director of product marketing for Advertising Solutions, said each partner fills a niche in the workflow, from app development and mobile wallet to search engine marketing and data segments.

Adobe also is working with Microsoft and others to pull CRM and all types of data into its marketing cloud. It's the first step in a movement by Adobe to redefine the term programmatic from display advertising to encompass the entire media landscape. Waddell said while some DSPs built data management platforms, others built out dynamic creative capabilities. Google offers analytics. None have all the pieces in one platform that marketers can use to create one set of audience segments to apply to display ad buying, search retargeting, social campaigns, and site-side optimization.

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