Support For Google Remarketing Lists Broadens Through Proprietary Data Management Platforms

IgnitionOne will release in April the ability to integrate first- and third-party data with its proprietary data management platform (DMP) in hopes of allowing marketers to gain better results from remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). The company plans to begin by testing the feature in beta with a group of companies.

Google has been one of main companies offering RLSA. The biggest limiting factor has been the rules that marketers must follow to create audiences. Another has been that AdWords needs to see the user before it can assign them in an audience segment, which only impacts a small percentage, perDave Ragals, global managing director of Search at IgnitionOne.

IgnitionOne is not the only company to support RLSAs. Marin Software began in May 2014. RLSA allows brands to retarget site visitors on and partner sites throughout the Google Search Network. iCrossing also announced SearchAi, audience-based search targeting through Google.



IgnitionOne also plans to support RLSA through the Yahoo-Bing network. Bing GM David Pann said in the past the company will offer remarketing capabilities to boost bids on the Yahoo-Bing Network. The feature to target audiences extends remarketing on third-party sites, and enables targeting across a publisher network.

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