Millennials Celebrate Independence Day With Booze, Flags And Fireworks

Independence Day is a traditionally a time for barbeques and fireworks, but for millennials, July 4th also includes booze. 

A survey from Horizon Media found that three in 10 American millennials say: 'If there is no alcohol at a holiday celebration, I am much less likely to enjoy myself." That compareds to just 24% of those over
age 35.

Nearly seven in 10 Americans (69%) will celebrate the Fourth of July this year, 90% of who characterize celebrating Independence Day as “important to me," according to survey. 

This celebration costs money. More than nine in 10 (93%) plan to spend money for their July 4 celebration, with 41% expecting to spend more than $50. Men are more likely than women to be big spenders (46% vs. 37%).

As for what they are buying? Food, booze, and fireworks. More than three in four (79%) plan to purchase food items, and 80% want items that taste good rather than be healthy. To that end, 72% plan to buy meat products, 60% chips, 57% soft drinks, and 49% will purchase side dishes, particularly coleslaw and potato salad.  



Perhaps older people already have these items, but millennials are more likely than older Americans to purchase patriotic items such as American flags (34% vs. 18%) or fireworks (50% vs. 34% of 35-49-year-olds, 28% of 50-64, and 13% of 65+).  

Monetary savings, free activities, and the recognition of veterans lead the ways consumers want brands to get involved with Independence Day. Some 44% of those questioned are looking for promotions and deals that help people get more for less for July 4th with millennials most motivated by these value deals (54% vs. 45% of 35-49, 39% of 50-64, and 30% of 65+). 

More than one in three (39%) are looking forward to free activities to participate in, while 39% are looking for brands to honor a selection of veterans with free products, services or Independence Day experiences for the holiday festivities. 

“The holiday presents a unique opportunity for brands to take part and offer value in terms of free events and good deals. Brands will also get positively viewed for their support of veterans this weekend," says Stan Fields, EVP and managing partner at Horizon Media. 


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