Segmint Rolls Out RTB Tech For Regulated Industries, Including Finance And Healthcare

Real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic tech requires audience data to inform the algorithms. But that’s much easier said than done for marketers in some of the highly-regulated industries -- such as healthcare and finance -- where they have to play by different rules when it comes to data security.

In a bid to bring those players into the programmatic space, Segmint decided to bring the programmatic space directly to them.

The data-driven marketing firm on Tuesday announced it has rolled out a new technology, dubbed SegmintReach, built specifically for marketers in regulated industries. Segmint asserts its platform allows banks, healthcare providers and others to use “sensitive” first-party data for digital campaigns carried out via programmatic.

Currently, marketers in these regulated industries can anonymize first-party data, but a Segmint representative says that’s “only one part of the equation.”



“Anyone can anonymize their data right now an use it to reach existing consumers on their own media,” the Segmint rep said to Real-Time Daily. “What this solution does is take sensitive first-party data and then use it to power consumer acquisition campaigns across the open Internet” via RTB exchanges.

The banks, healthcare providers and others partner directly with Segmint and gives their first-party data to Segmint “without sharing that data with any other parties,” the rep explained.

“This is not the first time banks have anonymized their data, or done digital marketing in general,” another Segmint spokesperson acknowledged to Real-Time Daily.But it is the first time they have been able to deliver targeted one-to-one cross-sell messages using [first-party data] via RTB. Where previously all advertising has been mass media buys typically using third-party data, or some other types of programmatic buying, but not one-to-one real-time delivery to current customers through RTB.”

This means banks can send personalized messages -- such as a unique loan offer -- to a consumer anywhere on the Web, not just on their own site or other secure location. “This real-time bidding integration is what was impossible before because banks cannot share consumer data with unregulated third parties,” a Segmint rep declared.

In beta test with several unnamed U.S.-based banks, Segmint claims its new tech allowed the banks to engage nearly five times more often with customers. The company claims 73% of total sales of consumer lending solutions during the testing period were attributed to SegmintReach, and that the banks saw a four-and-a-half times return on marketing investment.

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