Bing Predictions Ahead Of NFL Season Could Drive Searches On Mobile

Bing wants to help sports fans win their fantasy football games this season -- but more importantly, to show marketers and consumers that Microsoft's technology can predict and serve up information before it is requested, as mobile ads are forecast to account for eMarketer's estimate of 52.4% of digital ad spend this year.

That's the future of search engine advertising and marketing, serving up data, stats, content and answers from National Football League (NFL) games on a mobile device before it is requested through personal assistants like Microsoft Cortana or Google Now.

Microsoft's technology behind the search engine Bing has been making sports-, entertainment-, and political-related predictions for years, and this season it delves into the fantasy football league. The engine will offer updated player projections and suggestions for free agent picks.

While Bing will predict fantasy football games, Microsoft also will turn the technology loose on NFL season with predictions for weekly games, complete with updates and stats on teams each Tuesday, as well as projections on postseason chances. If it becomes the home for states and other game-related information during the NFL season, which begins mid September, the advertising numbers for search, display and video could very well rise through an increase in search market share.

As the majority of time spent online moves to mobile devices, so will the advertising spend, Consumer demand drives the advertising dollars. eMarketer estimates that U.S. adults are spending 2 hours and 51 minutes daily on non-voice activities on mobile devices, meaning browsing, texting, and sharing. More than half of that -- 1 hour and 31 minutes -- is spent on mobile phones.

Search ads on mobile will account for the second-largest share this year, with 44.7% or $13.62 billion, only surpassed by display, banners, rich media, and sponsorships, which will eMarketer estimates will account for $12.77 billion and video $2.78 billion.

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