Euro Brands Optimize Mobile Sites

According to a new report from IAB Europe, which audited 600 top automotive and retail advertisers in the first European advertiser mobile audit, three quarters of automotive and retail brands have a mobile optimized site.

Over half of brands use responsive Web design, though some analysts argue that responsive design is not nearly as effective as it is advertised to be.

The report shows that mobile marketing uptake is on the rise among brands, though there is still much improvement to be made in brands’ implementation of a mobile strategy.

In terms of apps, approximately six in 10 automotive brands have a mobile or tablet app, but only half of retail brands have a mobile app and even fewer have a tablet app.

Many European retailers still rely on browsers to support transactional mobile sites rather than building the functionality into their apps. Half of retail brands have such sites, but only a quarter have a transactional mobile or tablet app.

Automotive brands are in the same boat, except in Italy, where nine in 10 automotive brands have a “book a test drive” option on their mobile or tablet app.

For advertisers in Europe, the study says, the primary purpose of mobile display advertising is branding. Even then, the uptake is low, with a quarter of automotive brands and a fifth of retail brands advertising via mobile display.

30% of automotive and 24% of retail brands use the 300x250 Mobile Brand Builder making it the most popular mobile ad format.

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