Adobe Fuels Data Use Through Analysis Workspace

Adobe has released a way for marketers and data scientists to analyze, share and use data. It allows them to curate custom dashboards filled with data they can share across their organization. Company developers took tips from their experience with building Photoshop in-house to create Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics from the ground up.

Companies collect more varied types of data these days, but many don't have the data scientists or analysts to act on the numbers. It's one thing to aggregate data and another to make it actionable, says Nate Smith, senior product marketing manager at Adobe.

POPSUGAR, which reaches an audience of more than 85 million, put the dashboard to the test by having to sort through digital events and more than 30 million pieces in their product catalog. The 100 editors responsible for different pieces of the site did use data analytics prior to adopting Analysis Workspace, but were still expected to keep up with trends related to brands and retailers such as P&G, Unilever, Revlon, Neiman Marcus and Macy's.

It became easier once the team began using the tool. For instance, POPSUGAR editors closely observe content pieces that trend and get the most social shares. Earlier in 2015, the team noticed searches for Halloween-related things began spiking in June, such as how to create specific costumes. Combined with data around Taylor Swift’s popularity, the team created the popular editorial content, "17 Ways to be Taylor Swift this Halloween." The ability to become a bit more creative drove growth and traffic across POPSUGAR's sites.

POPSUGAR tapped into the Analysis Workspace dashboard offering cohort analysis, variety of charts, and ability to split the data by metrics, dimensions and segments. The tool lets marketers pull in demographic data and break it down by age and gender.

It also automates the ability to share video data in real-time; standardized measurement of video and apps for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and Xbox One; and collect metrics around area like buggering and playback errors, and see the impact on engagement, time spent, and ad impressions.

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