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Personalized Marketing Seen for Connected Cars

Last week, I attended a panel discussion sponsored by Jasper, in which Macario Namie, the firm's VP of strategy, queried representatives from ChargePoint,General Motors (GM) and LoJack about the state of technology in connected cars and what they see coming down the pike in the near future. Jasper plays a role in these firms' Internet of Things services by offering a cloud-based platform for managing electronic devices that transmit data via cellular networks and handling the associated subscription billing, sensor provisioning and troubleshooting. The panelists included Emad Isaac, LoJack's CTO; Ajay Agrawal, ChargePoint's CTO; and Steve Schwinke, who directs GM's advanced development and concepts for its Global Connected Customer Experience division. Win Williams, the VP of IoT solutions for AT&T, one of Jasper's long-time cellular operator partners, was also on hand to provide the telecom's perspective on the IoT and automobiles.

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