B2B Marketers Still Struggle To Integrate Video, Email

The vast majority of B2B marketers utilize online video, but only 50% incorporate video into email marketing, according to a study released today by the Web Video Marketing Council, ReelSEO and Flimp Media.

That means marketers are missing out on a simple opportunity to increase email marketing ROI. When videos are included in emails, Forrester says email click-through rates can increase by as much as 300%.

65% of B2B marketers that do integrate video and email report positive results, according to the B2B video marketing study. Only 9% of respondents stated that video made no impact on their email marketing campaigns whatsoever. 

Some 27%, however, admitted that they did not have access to metrics measuring the impact of video.

Indeed, although 96% of respondents indicate that they utilize online video, many report an inability to accurately measure ROI.

Marketers are most likely to track total video starts (84%), but are less likely to track average viewing time (59%) and videos watched to completion (58%). Less than half (45%) of B2B marketers can identify video watchers by email address, and only 37% track any type of demographic data.

Without key ROI metrics, marketers struggle to justify increases in marketing spend.

Limited budget availability (55%), the time it takes to produce quality content (45%) and measuring the ROI of production investment (37%) were cited as the three top challenges for marketers interested in producing online video content.

Americans are looking for content to consume online and the vast majority of Americans (82%) watch online videos, according to a recent study by Mode Media. 69% of respondents also say they will share good videos online with friends, family, and their social networks.

The top three types of videos that consumers expect to go viral include humorous videos (40%), videos their friends are sharing online (27%) and videos that features animals (22%).

Brands should be looking to integrate video into their email marketing campaigns to capitalize on engagement and increase sales.  

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  1. wayne wall from FMI, October 22, 2015 at 11:59 a.m.

    You should have provided a link back to the survey publishers and the original report download page. It's common courtesy when doing this sort of a blog post. Will presume you are new to the online content publishing world. 

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