Viacom, TiVo Team To Enhance Data Usage

Viacom and TiVo Research have struck an agreement that looks to advance Viacom’s proprietary usage/viewing data.

The deal -- which the companies say is the first of its kind -- will have TiVo work with Viacom’s “predictive” tools such as Vantage and Echo Social Graph that hyper-targets consumers.

For some time, senior Viacom management has said it intends to increase the measurement level of its “non-Nielsen” derived revenue. Viacom has seen swings in declining viewership data for some of its networks in recent years.

Viacom also says the TiVo deal will give more data to Viacom Velocity and Velocity Products Group -- the company’s creative content/integrated media group and the newly formed group for multiplatform social partnerships, products and services to clients.



Frank Foster, SVP/GM of TiVo Research, stated: “This integration will make Viacom the first network to offer advertisers true single-source solutions for audience targeting and measurement.”

Foster adds it will not only enable advertisers to see whether a campaign reaches the target audience, but whether the campaign entices consumers to buy products and services.

TiVo Research comes from a cross-media single-source panel, including second-by-second tune-in data anonymously matched to online exposure and purchase data for more than 2 million US homes.

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