Springbot Adds New Feature To Track ROI For Promotional Campaigns

Springbot, an ecommerce marketing platform, on Thursday announced a new coupon management solution that tracks the sales generated from promotional coupon codes, allowing email marketers to apply coupons across customer segments and track the success of each individual coupon.

Springbot provides detailed analytics to help identify the ROI of every individual coupon codes, including top products bought, total revenue and orders generated, cost to marketers and average order value. The company also tracks the demographic data of the customers who used the codes, helping email marketers correlate their campaigns with physical sales.

"Email marketers are accustomed to offering deals and promotions in marketing to insight customers,” says Erika Brookes, chief marketing officer at Springbot. “This is a step to automate that process and see what promo codes worked, when they were used, and where and what happened.”



Brookes says the new solution is an especially helpful holiday marketing tool because it helps merchants identify "super shoppers" and what types of promotional campaigns incite them to want to shop more and place larger order amounts.

It also helps merchants track which products are selling and what items are not.

“Now more than ever, shoppers are shopping early and researching early for the best deals. There's a lot of pressure around holidays for marketers and merchants during this time and knowing what works and what doesn't is really critical,” she says.

Knowing what works best for customers, she says, is also the best tool for marketers to set to set themselves up for marketing success in the New Year.  

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