Temptations Offers Cat Owners Redemption

Temptations is giving cat owners a chance to make it up to their feline friends for all the goofy hats, sweaters, costumes and other aesthetic torture to which they have been subjected.

The Mars Petcare US cat treat brand is launching its #SaySorry print and online campaign created by Adam&eveDDB in London.

The effort includes one 30- and one 60-second video featuring perturbed cats, outfitted in everything from elf costumes to Christmas sweaters, and set to the iconic Elton John song, “"Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.”

Full-page print ads will run in women's interest magazines through the end of the year.

More than $5 billion is spent on cat treats during the holidays, so it's a key drive time for the brand, Arren Beach, Temptations brand manager, tells Marketing Daily.



“Within the cat treat category, we look for opportunities to break through with our marketing creative, and we identified an opportunity here thanks to all our cat owners who are all too happy to play dress-up with their cats during the holidays,” Beach says.

The light-hearted campaign is aimed at any and all cat parents who adore their feline friends, he says.

“We believe the creative will resonate with cat owners as we’ve all thought about how cute our cats would look as Santa’s secret helper,” Beach says. “The campaign positions Temptations treats as a way to make good and #SaySorry for all the holiday costumes that cats are often coerced into. This approach enables the video to stand out during the busy holiday season in the advertising industry.”

Beach says the brand loves the excitement cat owners show on social media when they dress up their cats.

“We think they'll appreciate our positioning of Temptations cat treats as a way to say sorry because, deep down, they may feel a little guilty,” he says. “Though it may be hilarious to us, we know our cats don’t enjoy it quite as much.”

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